The Last Explorer

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Explore an alien planet and its creatures

Explore an open world full of creatures to learn more about, find all the wreckage from your spaceship and use your camera to learn more about the creatures, the world and how you got there.

Help the alien inhabitants

Throughout your journey you’ll be able to do quests for the aliens or just play minigames with them.

Take beautiful photos

Use your camera to take beautiful photos and analyze your environment. Throughout your journey you’ll find new effects to take even better and more unique photos.

A living world

There are many different creatures you can study, photograph and befriend. Photograph them to learn more and use bait to befriend and ride them.

Discover what happened to the other explorers

Find out how your ship crashed and what happened to the other astronauts by exploring the island and photographing the wreckage to analyze it and learn more.

The Last Explorer features:

  • A beautiful open world you can explore any way you want
  • Complex creatures to study and befriend
  • Small side quests
  • A highly customizable camera system
  • Many interesting camera effects
  • Old spaceship wreckage to learn more about
  • A mystery to uncover
  • Land, Air and Water creatures
  • Xbox controller support
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