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The Great War of Jorth

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Official Launch

Our official release has arrived and we would like to thank everyone who has helped us get this far. The Magician and I would not have been able to do it without all of you.

On a sad note, there has been a medical emergency within the Workingman Productions family that has taken us away from our work on the game. The game is finished and playable through to the end, except in certain circumstances that we are aware of. We are diligently working to iron out these last few glitches but the medical situation has prevented us from completing as much as we had hoped before release. Updates to correct these issues will be forthcoming. We will be targeting the middle of March, 2022 for our first major update to repair the remaining bugs.

Anyone wishing to report bugs to us may do so by emailing [email protected] Please include a save file near the bug, if possible, and a description (as detailed as possible) of what happened.

Thank-you and we hope you enjoy the game.

Tyler Workman and The Magician

About the GameOverview

"The Great War of Jorth" sends you on a grand adventure. Will you stop a mad king, or will darkness devour Jorth? Your choices matter.


"GWOJ" is an epic tale of war, of right versus wrong, of the constant struggle of good people in the face of ultimate evil.

The power hungry King Rydok of Bernal launches an unprovoked war upon their neighbors in Ur. Using surprise to its fullest advantage Bernal pushes the Urians out of most of their territory. In the south they met a much more coordinated response from the Ur Guard. The war came to stalemate, neither side being able to find an advantage.

At the Temple of the Light Grand Master Po receives an omen of a Dark power laying waste to the world. He entrusts his adopted daughter, Suki the youngest person to ever achieve the rank of Grand Master, with a quest to discover the source of this dark power. At the tender age of 17 she leaves the only home she has ever known. Will she ever return?

Five years pass and in that time Draco of Ur, a young and loyal soldier in the Ur Guard earns the respect and admiration of his brothers and sisters in arms on the battlefield. He is summoned before his liege, King Seevet the 17th and tasked with a quest of great importance.

Reports of Bernal raiding parties terrorizing Ur’s allies has brought the war to a new level. Together with the King’s personal guard, the Ninja Enryuu, Draco is to discover the secrets to Bernal’s new successes and put a stop to them. This journey will take Draco across the whole of Jorth in search of powerful allies and a way to stop Rydok’s armies from dominating the world.

Game Features

  • Fully Voiced
  • Partial Controller Support
  • Story Rich
  • Your Choices Matter
  • Multiple Endings


Using a keyboard:

Z/Enter - Confirm

X/Esc/0- Cancel/Enter Menu

Arrow Keys - Move character

Using a Windows compatible controller:

A - Confirm

X - Cancel/Enter Menu

Left Joystick/D-Pad - Move character
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

The Great war of Jorth is an excellent story driven game. The story telling is reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons, telling the story from all angles. I only Have 2hours in this game, but its one I highly recommend. The battle system is that of early 90's Rpgs. I cant wait to sink in the hours to uncover the whole story.

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