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The Great Perhaps tells the story of an astronaut returning to Earth destroyed by natural cataclysms. There, among the ruins he finds an unusual artifact — an old lantern, in the light of which you can see glimpses of another time and travel to the past. Experience constant time traveling between an empty, melancholic scenery of the post-apocalyptic Earth and its vivid days gone by. The hero will face the danger in the post-apocalyptic present, as well as in the past. Help him on his journey to find out the true cause of the disaster and save the planet! Features Challenging puzzles and mini-games based around time travel Experience the gripping atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world based on Soviet aesthetics Innovative storytelling which binds together the past and the present Memorable characters with personal stories Original interactive soundtrack which adapts to each timeline Wistful hand-drawn 2D art style
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Daedalic Entertainment continues to delight players with interesting quests. This time, at a big discount, the game "The Great Perhaps" got into my collection. What was released in 2019 and can be said to indirectly predict the future.
According to the story, the player in the role of an astronaut is in orbit. While an unexpected incident occurs on earth, due to which the globe is covered with radioactive ash. Most likely, the third world war happened on Earth.
Through the communication channel, which quickly disappears, we receive instructions to wait in suspended animation until everything is over. So we fall asleep and...
And wake up in 100 years. Now the earth is visible from orbit, there are no clouds of ash flying in the atmosphere. Realizing what is happening - our hero almost commits suicide. But the ship's AI saves him, giving him hope that someone down there is still alive.
From this moment the game begins - we find ourselves on the ground. The air is not suitable for our breathing, so we will move in a space suit.
The main feature of the game is an ordinary lantern, which our hero accidentally stumbles upon. With it, we can "see" the past. And even move there for a short time to interact with objects and the characters around us.
Actually all our tasks will revolve around this possibility. Because the road is destroyed, and our hero dies from one blow. On the way to our own home, where information about our family could remain - we will save the lives of people in the past, in the hope of changing everything.
+ Great storyline
+ Nice drawing
+ Full localization. The game has Russian dubbing and text.
+ Discounts on the game
+ Achievements
+ Lots of nice Easter eggs and references to world works
+ Gamepad support
- Broken quest on the level in the greenhouse. For the task to work correctly, it is recommended to use fertilizers from the past.
- There are small bugs.
Great time loop game. Studio "Caligari Games" did their best. The game should definitely be in the library of any self-respecting fan of fantasy and quests!

Review from Steam

The Great Perhaps is a short but exciting adventure quest about an astronaut.
Despite the fact that the game is rather short, the plot is very interesting and addictive, which is why the game can be completed in a few hours.
The game has a rather thick atmosphere of the Soviet post-apocalypse.
I also want to note the good drawing, excellent voice acting and good musical accompaniment, which complements the whole atmosphere.
The main idea of ​​the game: you cannot change the past, you need to accept it as it was and remember that you can still build your future and avoid the mistakes of the past there.
I recommend to buy!
The Great Perhaps — это короткий, но при этом увлекательный приключенческий квест про космонавта.
Несмотря на то, что игра довольно таки короткая - сюжет очень интересный и затягивающий, из-за чего игру можно пройти за несколько часов.
В игре довольно густая атмосфера советского постапокалипсиса.
Так же хочется отметить хорошую рисовку, отличную озвучку и неплохое музыкальное сопровождение, которое дополняет всю атмосферу.
Главная мысль игры: изменить прошлое нельзя, нужно принять его таким какое оно было и помнить что ты ещё можешь построить своё будущее и там не допустить ошибок прошлого.
Рекомендую к покупке!

Review from Steam

The Great Perhaps is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle game, where you play as an astronaut returning to Earth after spending a century in cryosleep. The graphics are pretty nice, hand-drawn style, with Eastern European and Soviet aesthetics. One place is also based on a real monument in Bulgaria, the Buzludzha. Shortly into the game you will have a mysterious lantern, which you can shine to peek into the past, or fully travel back in time.
The lantern's time-travel ability is the main gameplay mechanic. Like for example, in the present your path is blocked by rubble. The solution? Go to the past, and walk forward. Another example is like when you need an item in the past, you may find what you need in the present. You can use the time-travel lantern to peek and avoid enemies by jumping timelines. For me, its a very interesting mechanic, either for puzzles or if you just like to see the before-after versions of a place. I know its a very different game, but it reminds me of the Stilton Manor level in Dishonored 2.
The Great Perhaps is a pretty great puzzle game with an interesting mechanic, but sadly its too short, it can be finished around 2-3 hours. And the ending feels kinda rushed and abrupt. However, it's still a great game, and on sale it can be very cheap. So don't worry and give this unique puzzle game a try, especially if you're into post-apocalyptic and time-travel stuff.

Review from Steam

Recommended but just about.
Voice acting was OK, the art-style was nice and I guess its technically quite impressive but the game-play was frustrating at times; unfortunately quite a lot of the puzzles rely on speed and dexterity rather than intelligence. More checkpoints would have been nice. Its also quite short, quite a lot of my game time was leaving the game running.
Play the Silent Age if you want a much better implementation of this time switching concept

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