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The Girl of Glass: A Summer Birds Tale

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Join Kristal as she sets out on her journey to better understand herself and the world around her in a point and click adventure game, featuring turn-based combat and hand-painted environments. The Girl of Glass is set in a fictional mid-20th-century European country ruled by a tyrant eagle. You play as Kristal, the girl of glass, who is struggling with growing up, letting go of the past, and finding a future to believe in. On your journey of discovery, you will visit numerous places and meet a wonderful cast of characters to interact with – all in very detailed, hand-painted graphics. The Girl of Glass tells a charming coming-of-age tale with its unique characters, beautiful settings, and many dialogue options and choices that impact the story. You first meet Kristal at a circus where she is slaving for an ungrateful circus crew. One day a boy arrives and convinces her to run away with him. Together, they embark on the adventure of their lives. But it seems every road only leads her closer towards an inevitable confrontation with the eagle.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Before you do anything:
If you decided to purchase this game please before entering the turn-based battle section of the game, set it on easy mode, trust me it will make life a lot easier, pun intended.
Having played a lot of points and click adventure games as well as a fair bit of turn-base combat games purchasing this game was a no-brainer for me even after reading some of the negative and agreeing with a lot of them I have a soft spot for it. Maybe it’s the ending I got or the beautiful blend of 3D and 2D art style or even the accent, I don’t know, despite the flaws, I really enjoy this game.
Positive (First-half-ish of the game):
So let's go to the beginning, the point-and-click section where we play as Kristal who is.... well a fragile crystal, adopted by the traveling circus and working with them as a janitor because she is too.....breakable to do anything else. This portion of this game was properly the sweetest part of the game thanks to your standard, easy enough, point-and-click puzzles, peaceful soundtracks along with beautifully painted backgrounds that suited well with a 3D render of Kristal. Oh, and before I forget, the characters were much more compelling and complex than I had envisioned, depending on if you choose to ignore or spend time with them to learn about their backstory, which was nice to give players the agency to explore what they want.
Lastly, I adore the narration, and colourful illustrations and the title screen are used to convey this game is a children's storybook, sharing many similarities to stories like Cinderella thinking at the top of my head, like how Kristal is doing manual labour and being mistreated by her boss and coworker.. I could even see this being adapted into a 2D with some 3D movie if Disney would stop doing remakes.
So, not a bad start, even if the point-and-click section throughout the game had gotten easy and shorter, I still highly enjoy it I like anything circus theme as I was obsessive about that type of theme back then. If this game was divided into just being a point-and-click adventure in the circus, for a smaller price, I think more people would appreciate it a lot than this version.
Negative (Second-half-ish of the game):
Now to the nitty gritty, the turn-based battle system has a few issues, firstly being, not being newer player-friendly, even though it does a decent job talking you through its mechanic, as soon as elemental strength and weaknesses are introduced and field ability gets more complex. Why? because the game doesn't explain what they all do or keep track of the effect they're having and there's a lot to keep track of, even for me that I have to write a whole list, like, ‘clown weak against fire’ or ‘water field- deal less damage’ etc, etc, not that I mind this type of game design, but in this case, it is targeted towards 2 different audiences it should had designed much more simply rather than being too much of one game. So that's wouldn’t recommend this game to those new to RPGs or just fans of point-and-click adventure games, if they need to go through this part of the game
The other problems were the antagonist, mainly their monologues being cliches and may I say ‘cringy’, and we have to endure bossfight after bossfight which hurt the progression, especially when they are at a certain HP they pause battle to explain why they are evil. God help you if you need to restart it and listen to them speak over again.
All these problems occur after the tone just shifts from a sweet, circus fantasy land into an edgy apocalypse alternative world, not that I have a problem with it, I applaud the idea, but it was poor execution of pacing and the dialogue as well as the RPG mechanic balance that hold this game back.
It was a ballsy move for the developer to mix 2 different types of games together, I could see a world where this will work, in this case, it just needed more time to be marinated, but for what I got to play I love what this The Girl of Glass was trying to accomplish and the metaphorical message towards the end in this wonderful journey.

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