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The Gardens Between

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The Gardens Between is a single-player adventure-puzzle game about time, memory and friendship. Best friends Arina and Frendt fall into a series of vibrant, dreamlike island gardens peppered with everyday objects from their childhood. Together they embark on an emotional journey that examines the significance of their friendship. Manipulate time to solve puzzles and reach the apex of each isle. Follow the duo as they unpack and explore their precious moments spent together, lighting up constellations and illuminating threads of a bittersweet narrative. Features Vibrant, storybook-inspired art style Dreamy tale of adventure, friendship and growing-up Gorgeous single player experience with a meaningful personal story Bespoke ingenious puzzles require the manipulation of time to solve Accessible design; simple controls, and no text, speech, time pressure or complex UI Relaxing, ambient soundtrack by feature-artist Tim Shiel Play in full detail on your gorgeous 4k screen
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Review by Anonymous

Got it for Nintendo Switch. Enjoyed the level design and general atmosphere.

Gameplay itself is slow-paced, though puzzles are challenging enough and have some fresh ideas, so it doesn't feel like you were solving them already.

A great family-friendly game overall.

Review from Steam

The Gardens Between is a quite short, but lovely time manipulation puzzle game.
During the whole game you just move forward or backward with your 2 characters, simulating the flow of the time that way. During this, you have the option to interact with various objects. These result in a different flow of time, opening new paths and so on.
The game itself is not hard, but you won’t figure out everything in a few seconds either. Overall, you will get a relaxing experience for your money.
Games with nice art and music usually have high price marks, so the full price might be too much for a game with 2-3hours playtime, but The Gardens Between is an awesome choice during sales.
Visuals: 8/10. The game is lovely.
Atmosphere: 8/10. Heartbreaking. You will know at the end…
Amount of crash: None.
Bugs: None.
Hey, I am an achievement hunter!
How to perfect?: Just finish the game and replay levels where you missed achievements. Achievement guide available on steam and each cheevos are very easy to obtain. The guide is also spoiler free, so you can use it without any problem while playing the game.
Perfection Difficulty: 2/10. Nothing really hard, puzzles not too hard either.
100% time: ~2-3h
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Review from Steam

3-5 hours




For the achievment


On sale

The Gardens Between is a puzzle game that focus on manipulating time. You play as a two friends. This game has simple controls, you can either move time forward or backward. You can get a little confused on how to advance, but the puzzles are not very difficult. Definitely a good game to relax for a while with a good soundtrack and beautiful visuals.

Review from Steam

A little cute puzzle game. Really casual, no stress.
The puzzles are quite easy. Thanks to that, the story progresses very smoothly, except for the occasional level where you need to use your imagination a bit more.
The level design is really well done. The colours, the music and the graphics too. It all works very well together. It's simple; but with enough attention to detail that the result is really pretty.
The game mechanics are innovative and a breath of fresh air.
I was happy to finally see a story about friendship instead of love, in a little game such as this.
A good game overall. Perfect if you have 3 hours to kill, and to relax.

Review from Steam

Beautiful and emotional game about the fond memories of two teenager friends whose world gets shaken by the move of the other and the loss of that friendship. Puzzles were easy to grasp, but not too easy to be boring. End credits song was beautiful and made me tear up with the ending of the game. Wholeheartedly recommend this game!

Review from Steam

my brain go brrrr playing this game, this game makes me feel dumb and smart at the same time, not much more i can ask for ghfujidkso, yah all got me in the end ngl, i was like aww a cute hug ;-;, but ohh i was so wrong more ugly crying just some seconds later ;-;, amazing and sad game I'm gonna go and cry in my corner now, thanks <34

Review from Steam

The Gardens Between is about 2 hours length, and I had fun playing.
The game involves 2 characters but they move together. Game is divided into several worlds- each contends well art-designed mini levels. What I like about this puzzle game is, it is not very hard yet the solution is not direct. There are some fun parts, like you need to wait a few seconds on particular scene to let it work, and have some good imagination.
There is a Oscilloscope in the game!!! Like I am back in high school lol

Review from Steam

a nice casual puzzle game with story to tell about 2 frnds and their adventures in and around the gardens between their houses and the tree house there.

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