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The Forgotten Demons

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The Forgotten Demons is a 2D, top-down, dungeon crawler, packed with fierce enemies, powerful spells, multiple unique weapons and more.

Choose your hero, the Shaman or the Firearm. Your choice will determine your weapons, abilities and the loot you collect.

The Shaman is a great choice for looting spells, while the Firearm is ideal for looting weapons. For example, when the Shaman defeats an enemy wizard, he will absorb their magical powers. The Firearm, on the other hand, will collect enemies’ guns and bombs.

To utilize your hero’s unique abilities, you will have to collect gold coins that are found throughout your journey.

The Forgotten Demons is inspired by folklore and Mediterranean mythology. Add The Forgotten Demons to your wishlist and join the quest to save humanity from evil, mythological enemies.
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