The Forest of Love

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A VERY Adult furry game featuring a group of rowdy, raunchy, loveable critters! Explore a charming world in a Sorta-Zelda/Animal Crossing/Not-Really adventure! Seriously, it’s like… Retro but inspired by modern dope indie games. All while taking a serious approach in marrying a solid game experience, AND a smut experience! Brought to you in wonderful fakebit! Content is super sex-positive! Warning: Feel good vibes, and major cuties. so watch out.


  • A top-down pixel world with several different biomes, featuring loveable (literally) animal characters!
  • Those animal characters are super charming! And they’re more than excited to meet you!
  • Obtain Items to increase your capabilities as you explore the forest!
  • Robust dialogue system allowing for context-sensitive interactions, Multiple Speakers, and cool third thing!
  • Gossip Dialogue System – Learn more about all of the critters, and ask them about stuff!
  • Main Campaign covering Rascal’s debut, meeting the critters, and the mystery of the forest!
  • Tons of Non-Linear content that serves to flesh out the Critters and their world!
  • Mini-Games! Button mashing, Evasive maneuvers, and rhythm games!
  • Gallery function to unlock and re-experience the spiciest moments of the game!
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