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The Fallen God’s Chronicles: Dmet Prison

The Fallen God’s Chronicles: Dmet Prison Screenshot 1
The Fallen God’s Chronicles: Dmet Prison Screenshot 3
The Fallen God’s Chronicles: Dmet Prison Screenshot 5

After the great war between the gods, where the pantheon split and fought to see who would rule over the others, those who didn’t die, surrender, or flee to regroup, were imprisoned in prison plans, this was the case with Dmet, the god of carnage.

From time to time some incompetent mage, or even an unsuspecting adventurer finds a portal, or a way to enter Dmet’s prison, but as it is a prison they cannot get out.

This is a top-down RPG dungeon crawler game where you will use your powers and equipment as a mage or warrior to defeat the creatures that live there and try to get a way home.

Whether you were an incompetent mage, or an unsuspecting adventurer I don’t know, but now that you’re in Dmet’s prison realm, you should try to get out of there by exploring every corner, and trying to survive the encounters against the other things that are trapped there as well.

Dmet’s Prison is a Dungeon Crawler, where you have to go through the levels trying to get more powerful to face the many creatures of the lower levels. Come and venture out and maybe escape from the great prison of the God of Carnage!

In each new section of the game the player faces a different dungeon, each of the available levels has five different versions, each version with its missions, creatures and NPCs, the player has to get better equipment and go down into the catacombs facing creatures each time more powerful, but it also has its shelter in the small refuges set up by NPCs who are also trapped there. The action seen from above is frenetic, the player must fight hordes of goblins, orcs, skeletons, among others to try to find a way through the levels and reach Dmet, but the action doesn’t stop when the last boss dies, the player can increase the challenge level and go back through the dungeons seeking to improve your character even more.

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