The Black Within

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The Black Within is a single-player first-person psychological horror. When selling her soul for fame and fortune, Laila Rose faces the consequences of her actions. A tale of Greed, fear, and change.

The year is 2007, you play as Laila Rose, a failed musician who decided to sell her soul to the devil for fame and wealth. Laila, 38 years old, has tried to make it in the music industry, but a lack of talent and patience led Laila to take matters into her own hands and contact a well-known record label manager called Arne Cheyenne.

with the instruction of her new boss, Arne. Laila goes into the abyss and starts her journey, searching for fame and glory. But like the old saying goes, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What Laila fails to realize is that her battle is bigger than signing a piece of paper; it’s fear vs change and pain vs hope.

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