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The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside is a unique, gripping twist on thriller and survival horror. The game mixes intriguing story-driven adventure with unnerving survival horror experience. Immerse in the tale of long-buried secrets, personal tragedies, and madness. Play as two protagonists living in different centuries but bounded by dark heritage. Boston, 1979, Adam, the CIA cryptanalyst, leaves the city and moves to the countryside with his wife, Emma. His handlers are afraid they won’t be able to keep him safe there, but Adam believes he needs a peaceful place in the woodland, to take a shot at the military code. His work may alter the course of the Cold War. As it turns out, this area is quite the opposite of a peaceful place they have expected... In the attic Adam finds a mysterious diary written by a man called Nicolas Hyde, allegedly, a past resident of the same house who lived there in the 19th Century. Once opened, the diary carries the nightmares of the past right into Adam’s times, putting the lives of Adam and Emma in great danger. Density increases as these two stories come to an inevitable crash. Distant past and his eternal prisoner - Nicolas against Adam, cryptanalyst from the Cold War. What can it lead to? In tangled times, who will you trust?
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

You play CIA Decryptor Adam with in 3 Month pregnant Emma in Year 1979/Cold War. You travel to a lonely House deep in the Woods.
All looks like save Paradies.
Than you find a Diary. Than you play Nicolas Hide. A Man alone in the dark Mansion. You find a Lamp, some Fuel & some Matches for Candles. Now you Switch in 13 Chapters from Adam to Nicolas & back. Telling 2 Stories. 1 from Father hated Son & 1 who believe everyone could be a Soviet Spy (Red Sparrow).
I think this was never a AAA+ Game
+++ easy 100 % Achievements with Guide
++ strange but interesting Story
++ fine Level Design
++ good Graphics (didnt play on Ultra only on High)
++ nice Sound
+ fine Puzzles/ Hunts
+/- Control isnt perfect
--- no FIVE (5) Trading Cards
--- no Chapter Select/ only 1 Save File/ (no New Game Plus)
- if you rush through maybe a short Game (explore everything for all Achievements, didnt read Notes)
- could have a bit more Combats/ Boss-Fights
- not all Rooms of the Mansion avaible. I really would explore more of it. The Attic had Doors . More Secret Chambers.
Good for Achievement Hunters, Explorers & People who love this Kind of Horror Games
Buy it with => 33 % Discount or support Developer/ Publisher
I want to Thanks all Kickstarters that helped to make this first big Game from small Illusion Ray Studios possible. I really hope for more Horror Games of this Studio even if it would be a The Beast Inside 2.
Thx 4 reading. Hope you enjoy. Happy Gaming. GL & HF <3

Review from Steam

The Beast Inside | ★★★★☆
I played the demo of it while it was still in Early Access.
Basing my experience on that; It was just an average horror puzzle game that relies on jump scares. Which put me on a low expectation mindset before playing it (full), and also mainly because of how cheap it is (90% off).
Then after I finished it in three days: I would have boldly assumed that this is not an Indie game if I didn't know anything about it. Game Direction, Voice Acting, Puzzle and Writing that could be easily par with Triple A titles if it's somehow has a bit more budget.
A great work by Illusion Ray Studio that makes me curious and enthusiastic about their next project.

Review from Steam

⚖️ Grade = B+. Worth a buy, if you enjoy Long Hours to Reach Climax. However, if you're looking for Casual gameplay, it doesn't have
✔️ Roam in woods to find clue
✔️ Tough puzzle
✔️ Mixture of Jump Scares
✔️ Realistic Pull and push physic
✔️ Quick Reflexes Challenge
❌ Scary Dead Scene
❌ Scary Hostile
❌ New pickups location item for replay value
❌ Gun fight in many chapter


Loving it & wants more
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Needed play it right now
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You'll be half satisfied
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Not what you need
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🕘 2019: Game released, but didn't wish list this
🕘 2022: 90% off make me buy it
🕘 7 hours later: I only reach the half of entire chapters...
🕘 9 hours later: chapter 8 maze is very headache
🔊 Game world timeline: Year 1854 & 1979 in Boston
🔊 Demo progress able to carry on after payment
🔊 Gun fight only in 1 chapter, the other 12 chapters have no gun fight
🔊 All the hostile is just normal human looking, not scary
🔊 F r e e_to_play_demo available
🔊 Community Rating: Very Positive
⚠️ Easy 100 % Achievements ➜ Not very easy...
⚠️ No chapter selection for achievement hunting ➜ True
⚠️ Cheap jump scares ➜ Not entirely....
💎 4 Endings available
💎 Profanity words included
💎 Complicated puzzle
💎 Some puzzle is skippable = No achievement
💎 Complicated Maze available
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Review from Steam

The Beast Inside is a remarkable survival horror (an open world walking simulator with some puzzles, and a dash of stealth and QTE).
The atmosphere is outstanding, both for its quite good graphics and for its magnificent soundtrack. In addition, it has some amazing jump scares and, most importantly, a story told in a very attractive way that hooks you from the beginning.
In short, I would say that it is a much better game than I expected.
Highly recommended if you like the genre.
✪✯✪✯✪✯✪ 7.6 / 10 ✪✯✪✯✪✯✪

Review from Steam

I don´t know how I should rate it.
On the one hand it´s a brilliant game with a really interesting storyline.
It has a great dark atmosphere and easy but still good puzzles for a horror game.
The sounds fit too and a few jumpscares got me xD
But on the other hand there are some huge issues with the controls and the performance.
The loading screen feels like forever.
It was laggy at the worst moments when you were being chased or had to fight.
Cutscenes that just destroy the feeling and unnecessarily prolong fight scenes.
The controls were often too slow and frustrating.
I still had fun with The Beast Inside.
So I would say it´s worth buying when you really like horror games and it´s on sale.

Review from Steam

How impressive is this grueling horror experience? I guessed the ending mere minutes into the demo earlier this year, and yet when it came time to play the full game, I still found myself getting caught up in the twists and turns. That’s right — even knowing the ending before going in, the journey was so powerful that I’m glad to have taken it, and would recommend that any fan of first-person horror do the same.

Review from Steam

Probably one of the best indie horror games i've ever played. 3£ game, 9 hours of gameplay. Very decent graphics, amazing story and atmosphere, great performance. Only few of the games were able to make me JUMP OUT OF MY CHAIR, this is one of them :D
If you love horror games, you need to get this!!