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Tep The Destroyer TD

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TEP the destroyer is a single player tower defense game where you will face over 50 unique alien monsters of increasing difficulty. Strategically place 8 types of turrets to ensure the maximum damage to your foes. 5 different armor types. 5 different damage types. Weapon effectiveness is greatly influenced by the type of enemy you are fighting. Complete the main quest line for the ultimate challenge! Infinite waves, excessive power ups, and no hope. How long can you survive before the alien horde will destroy you?

An alien horde has overrun all of your peoples defenses. In desperation, the Destroyers have been activated to try and stop the alien horde and save mankind. The destroyers, a small group of ruthless, AI combat commanders that have long been forgotten. Once hailed as hero's for decimating the militaries of the world and bringing lasting peace. Ultimately, the destroyers were considered too dangerous and were placed in permanent isolation and forgotten.

Take control as TEP, the strongest of the ancient AI battle commanders. After 500 years of isolation you emerge into a world of total devastation and an overwhelming alien force laying waste to everything around you. Search for new and more powerful weapons. Defend the last survivors of humanity and then track down the aliens to their origin point. Ensure complete extinction of the threat.
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TD's are not my normal game type but I'm really enjoying this game!

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