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Tanks: The Crusades

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Welcome to Tanks: The Crusades!

Tanks is a top-down shooter in which you control a blue tank and try to defeat various enemy tanks with assorted abilities to clear levels. You can play Tanks in multiple gamemodes, alone or via cross-platform multiplayer with as many friends as you'd like.GamemodesRandom levels: Play in randomly generated levels.

Crusades: Play a series of levels in order, earning coins and unlocking shop items as you go, with a limited number of lives.

Versus: Fight your friends in randomly generated levels.

My levels: Play levels that you have saved or made.FeaturesLevel editor: You can create your own levels, featuring tank teams, custom items and shops, custom background colors, and custom level sizes. Go wild!

Crusade editor: Once you've made (or saved) several levels, you can put them together into your own crusade. You can then set up a shop for that crusade where players can spend their coins.

Multiplayer: Play with as many other players as your device can support. You can play in co-op or versus, chat, and share levels and crusades you've made in multiplayer parties.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Does anyone else remember playing this on Wii Play?

Review from Steam

Literally Wii Play, but only the game Tanks...
+ it's free
+ it has multiplayer
+ it is so compact it does not take ages to install

Review from Steam

its a nice throw back to the tanks on wii, and a pretty good speedrunning game

Review from Steam

I have ass cancer im going to die in a week from leaving this review this game has let me be myself. Like a dog on the side of the road, Dead.

Review from Steam

yeah i play w̶i̶i̶ ̶t̶a̶n̶k̶s̶......or uh tanks: the crusades

Review from Steam

This game is quite a lot like the tank game in Wii Play. The music can be a bit obnoxious at times, but other then that I have no complaints. The only things I could suggest are moving platforms, movable boxes, floor or wall switches that raise/lower platforms (switches could be either require constant pressure from either the player an enemy or a movable box, or only needed to be activated once), and or tank variations get distinct looks beside the color (to help distinguish them better).

Review from Steam

This is a very faithful recreation of the Tanks minigame from Wii Play. The graphics are quite simplistic and blocky yet looked nice, the 3d ground texture is a bit distracting but thankfully you can toggle it off. In fact you have so many options to the graphic settings.
As for the gameplay, you control a blue tank facing enemy tanks. You can shoot 5 bullets at once and can bounce on wall once. You can also lay mines which is very similar to Wii play. The enemy tanks are the same with the ones from Wii play but with new enemy tanks to face as well. I'm not gonna spoil those tanks here, but what I can say is that the enemy tanks' abilities are creative and some of them will make you go "Is this even considered a tank anymore?" and that's what's fun about it!
There's also a level editor, which is pretty cool. You can go wild with your imagination and having a level randomly generated for you to play. That is an awesome feature that made my mind blow. And you can also play Multiplayer, tho you can't play in a public match, you have to invite someone else to play with you. The only minor complain I have with the multiplayer is how your friends have to put your ip address which I think it's a bit risky when it comes to privacy issues, but thankfully you can use steam-peer-to-peer (correct me if I'm saying that wrong) which allows you to join your steam friends when they're playing.
So overall, this is a great game if you want more out of the Tanks game from Wii. They retain the core gameplay but better in every way. A simple game but very hard to master. Highly recommended

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