Sword of Shadow: Revolution

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Sword of Shadow: Revolution is an open-world role-playing game. the actions of which take place in the universe of the gods and any mistake can lead to the death of the whole world. You will play as Acheron, a half-human, half-demon, the true god of darkness, the only one who can save the world from destruction and bloodshed, your task in this world is to find the true seal of peace, the sword that restrained the wrath of the gods for more than a million years.


Play as a demon with a huge variety of weapons and power.

Acheron is the true god of darkness, from the moment of his conception it was known that he was the salvation of the whole world, he was trained as an excellent killer, he knows no mercy and pain, his goal is to save humanity from the wrath of God.

– Improve and awaken the force, hone your skills to mastery, acquire unique skills of darkness, learn to master them, otherwise they will kill you

– Fight people, gods, demons, animals and other creatures. Increase your level.


A whole world that will make you become stronger, study the hero and his behavior, learn new secrets of this universe.

Explore abandoned places, caves and cities.

Mine gold, communicate with characters and help them solve problems, your vocation is power.

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