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It's one year after the collapse of civilization and self-centered hedge fund manager Joe Wheeler emerges from his specially constructed bunker in search of food. This is a huge open-world Role Playing Game where you have the freedom to play how you want - but your choices have consequences. Your aim is to find other survivors, gain their respect, and build a community. You'll scavenge for supplies, trade, plant crops, go on quests, face moral dilemmas, go to war, and uncover dark, terrible secrets! Innovative dialog system with characters that remember your actions and form their opinion of you accordingly. Combines Action-RPG and Real-Time Strategy elements - you can take control of, or issue commands to, any character that joins your community. Fast zombies and challenging combat that requires you to make use of all resources available to survive!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

The only zombie game where diabetes is a mechanic and techno music plays every 20 minutes. I robbed the dev absolutely blind by buying this on sale for $1.69 and I will rot in hell for not paying more for this masterpiece

Review from Steam

Let me start this off by saying that I dislike the whole "zombie phase" that the whole world is having right now. I don't like zombie fiction, zombie shows, zombie games and I absolutely hate with a passion that some, let's say "poor-spirited" people have absolutely embraced the fear of living dead as a certain future and stock up rations and equipment for a completely absurd apocalyptic scenario.
With that in mind, when I got this as a surprise in a bundle and found out it was about zombies, I was less than overjoyed to put it lightly. At first I installed it solely because the graphics looked goofy and so uncanny valley, that it was endearing.
That being said, a good game always defends itself. And this one does. I didn't get that far in the story yet, but I don't need to, to say that this, as a strategy RPG with real-time combat is pretty sweet and gets you hooked easily. The exploration kept me at the egde of my seat not knowing if the next thing I see is a house full of goodies, or a stray pack of white strains. (zombies that insta-kill you if they bite you). Base building is simple, but considering your limited resources, can be challenging.
The rep/affection system that lets you socialise with fellow survivors is ok. Nothing to write home about, but I liked it. It's passable at worst.
The exploration could use a very simple mechanic called "seeing further than 15 meters". Everyone you have as an ally permanently has a poopoo eyesight, except the NPCs, including the enemies. Past that. there's sooo much walking and backtracking that it hurts. Inventory space is very limited and that's why, when you find a cache of goods, you're not out of the woods yet. Just moving them to your base is a challenge of its own. It makes sense, it's realistic but jeez. It's so boring. Any quality of life improvement would do good here.
Also, what's the deal with the command mode? If we have to constantly pause our main objective to issue a command for building, it will break any involvement with the mission!
That's it. Thank you for reading. I can definitely recommend this, regardless of the cons as they do not detract from the general quality. It's not expensive. Get it. You might be suprised at the amounts of fun it can provide for a AA or A game.

Review from Steam

good game hard to understand at first..8_10

Review from Steam

A truly great survival builder game. Slimmed down mechanics and simple combat put the focus on exploration, characters and story.
Plus: this game contains one of the most mind-shattering "wait - what the hell?" moments I can remember from any game. Ever.
Absolute recommendation here.

Review from Steam

I really enjoyed this game, took a while to get into it and follow the story line
I also have type one diabetes and following alice gives me hope that I will too survive if zombies take over the world.
Really good game made by one person 10/10 I am looking forward survivalist two being finished

Review from Steam

It reminds me of fallout 2

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