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Super Dungeon Designer

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Build your own Action-Adventure dungeons and share them with others!

Create multiple rooms in various sizes as you create your dungeon just the way you want it. Our user friendly drag and drop UI makes creating dungeons fun and easy! Upload your levels and play levels from other designers! Inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Maker.


  • Creating dungeons is easy! Players can add new rooms with a single click. To resize a room simply drag from the corners. Add doors to create room transitions with just a few clicks. Players can decorate their dungeons and add objects to make a unique layout and create intricate puzzles.
  • Use the linking system to create puzzles and challenges! Link objects and enemies together to create logic that defines how puzzles are solved. For example: link an enemy to a closed door, now that door will open when that enemy is defeated!
  • Link one object to many others to create unique events!
  • Group objects together and they will only trigger what they are linked to when every object in the group is activated! For example: Group four unlit torches together and link them to a Closed Door. Now that Door will only open once all four torches are lit!
  • Collectables can be scattered around your dungeon such as keys, gold, arrows, bombs, hearts and more. Place them on top of Chests or Enemies with a single click and those items will drop from them!
  • Create Single or Multiplayer dungeons and play together with friends in local co-op and online via Steam Remote Play together!
  • Enemies with unique characteristics are at your disposal. Blobs will wander aimlessly while Bats will chase the player if they get too close. Lizards will take aim and fire their bow at the player. Flames will give chase and light torches, and Warthogs will charge at the player when they are in sight. More Enemies and Bosses will be added soon!
  • Upload and download levels online from creators all over the world!

Follow this page to keep up to date on announcements and news!

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