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Super Daryl Deluxe

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Super Daryl Deluxe is an RPGvania with brawler-style combat set inside of a perfectly normal, sprawling, multi-dimensional high school. Like any other perfectly normal school, its students and faculty are going missing and the classrooms have been locked down for weeks. Yes, there's nothing remarkable happening at WFHS whatsoever - just ask the new principal. Things are bound to get stirred up when an enthusiastic, bizarrely dressed new kid wanders into town. This go-getter's name is Daryl, and he just wants to make friends. What starts out as an innocent effort to help jump-start a young contraband textbook business turns into a harrowing quest through the school and its enormous, monster-filled classrooms in the hope of becoming the most popular kid in town. Oh - and saving everyone's lives is top priority, of course. No need to worry. There's nothing to see here at Water Falls High School.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It is painful to know that this game exists but it's not getting the amount of attention it deserves.
Truly a hidden gem.

Review from Steam

This game is truly a hidden gem, I more than got my money's worth from it. I did not expect it to provide nearly as many hours of entertainment as it did. With a unique art style and clever story, it is great fun for any metroidvania fan. The attention to detail is first class.

Review from Steam

Not Napoleon Dynamite with super powers goes around beating up jocks, bullies, nerds, the janitor, principal and such, with a wickedly awesome/radical theme tune. Also has maybe Scott Pilgrim, Kung Fury and Kick Ass vibes.
It's very 80's inspired in spirit for sure, you also also mention Karate Kid and thus Cobra Kai, Back To the Future and so on here,all of these films and shows have seemingly influenced this game in their own ways.
It's an extremely fun game, very well designed and it's very Castlevania/Metroid-like in its gameplay, with going back and forth between areas after unlocking new upgrades, getting new quests, meeting new people and so on.
The game is very absurd, creative, wild, fun and challenging in places too. I love the sheer manic creativity and energy of it, it was made with pure passion and love as evident from the amazing theme song.
The story was surprisingly good too, more complex than I expected and far more emotional in one part at least, which I won't say for spoilers but it was pretty sad and I felt sorry for Daryl in that moment, as well as a certain other character.
Speaking of characters, the game has a lot of interesting and unique characters, some of them endearing and it has a very casual but can and will still kick your ass vibe too.
There's a ton of all kinds of artistic influences in this game, the different environments are all based on science, history, art and such, as well as the inside and outside of the school and thus its ground.
There are very unique, challenging, creative and fun bosses too. Also "cameos" by certain famous characters from well known movies and tv shows including a very dark humour moment with a certain Disney princess and her father.
I really enjoyed this game and despite a game breaking bug ruining my playthrough and forcing me to start over, completing the game was such a great payoff for having to start over and grind and backtrack all over again. It was such a wild, memorable ride.
There is a lot of backtracking and maybe grinding too which did get on my nerves, especially on a forced restart of my playthrough, a lot of wacky, weird, unique "equipment/armour and weapons" to wear and use and such and this game is an absolutely underrated, sleeper hit that I really hope will be seen as a cult classic in future.
It's an absolute gem that deserves so much praise, acknowledgement and success for the devs.
I haven't even mentioned it yet too but the combat is genuinely fantastic and its like a beat-em-up/side scroller, action RPG, fighting game especially Smash Bros style hybrid and such. You get these really badass and creative abilities which were a lot of fun to use too.
Thank you to the developers for making such a great game and putting so much heart, soul, passion, character and such into it.

Review from Steam

Completely enjoyed how wacky this was. I enjoyed the story and the characters and can honestly say that every few hours it just kept getting weirder in a fun way. Picked this gem up on sale and feel it's worth the full price if I had somehow known. Lot of attention to detail here.

Review from Steam

Patently insane, in the best way. Nothing else like it. Best thing I've played in forever, it's criminal that this hasn't gotten more attention.

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