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Sunless Skies

PC Steam singleplayer rpg horror 2d exploration steampunk lovecraftian
Sunless Skies is a Gothic Horror roleplay game with a focus on exploration and exquisite storytelling. Command a flying steam locomotive The only thing between you and the waste-winds, storms and cosmic lightning is your engine. Tend and upgrade it, buy weaponry and exotic equipment, and keep her hull in good shape to hold the hostile Heavens at bay. Explore a unique and dangerous universe You play the captain of a locomotive, a steam engine fitted for off-rail travel: sailing the stars, leading your crew into trouble and out of their minds. Smuggle souls, barter for crates of time, stop for cricket and a cup of tea. Discover more of the deep, dark and marvellous Fallen London Universe, as seen in our previous game, Sunless Sea. (You can play either game first, the stories coexist happily.) Fight her majesty's agents, pirates and abominations of the skies Face ships of differing factions and unknowable beasts each with different attacks and agendas.
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