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Summer with Mia Season 1

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Lust Theory - Season 1

About the GameAs a 20-year-old that's just barely finishing another year of college, your plate is already full. Still, as a night of last-minute studying is interrupted by your drunk roommate, a strange and debaucherous story begins. Throw yourself into the life of a devil-may-care, do-what-you-must horndog on his mission to get into his roommates panties... And maybe some others along the way...

Game Content:
- 6300+ IMAGES

- Dialogue choices
- Branching Story
- Scene navigation
- Gallery Room
- Bonus Scenes Room (1100+ bonus scene images)

Summer with Mia Season 2 is currently in development.

This game features adult content and some content that some users might find offensive the game might include topics that you may have a sensitivity to such as sexual assault/non-consensual sex, drug/alcohol abuse.

Summer with Mia Season 2, will be a continuation of the story released and sold separately or as DLC.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Got it as a gag gift from a friend... who in return wanted me to 100% it, get all the achievements and post a review about it
if you are gonna play it as joke it's pretty funny, but also really really messed up. The scenarios it drops you into are ridiculous and the protagonist should be put in prison. You do what you like to people without consent?? and little to no option otherwise, until that person eventually consents, and 90% of them are your family members.
It makes for a great game to stream to friends if you change the characters names to their family members.
But if you're into these kinda games the first half should probably sort you out, after that the storyline and writing just kinda drag on, until eventually everyone you care about whines, argues and is disappointed in you constantly, then the game is over, for a fantasy game it sure tried hit realism in the worst ways lol
I rate 5.6/10
thanks for the free game buddy, it was horrendous

Review from Steam

this game is really good in a f**Ked up way, would I recommend it hell yes

Review from Steam

I will recommend this although I didn't like where the story went about halfway through, especially because it's completely involuntarily and honestly just weird:
Mia is supposed to be the main love interest, or at least I kinda sorta presumed that, but she gets completely neglected about halfway through after a few meager shags and instead MC decides to love-pursue his own mom for the rest of the game. Wtf?
Still recommended because I believe in this developer (liked Lust Theory better) and honestly I kinda like Mia, despite some of the despicable things she may or may not have done. Contains a fair number of hot scenes, some of which are great and some of which are meh, most quite repetitive but still nice. Not sure I would play a season 2 if it ever came, given the events that took place here. OK yeah I'll probably play season 2.

Review from Steam

This is plain and simple VN. Story-line is straight but quite dramatic.
This game has gallery that you can replay H-scenes and a lot of bonus scenes, so I personally like this stuff because these type of games usually don't have replay systems so this is good for exercise my hands.

Review from Steam

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Summer with Mia Season 1 Review
🎸Sweet Home Alabama🪕
I am not a big fan of VNs or Sexual games since I prefer shooters & strategy games. But for some reason, I tried this game & was actually invested in it until the end. It was not a new experience for me since I have played a few VNs before but none of them were as long as this. It took forever to finish the game.
About This Game
The game has a long-ass storyline. It doesn’t follow a particular path. The events that take place are random but it still makes sense. It has a lot of twists & turns. Funnily enough, you have the power to choose the relationship between most of the main characters. There are also some parts that require you to make a choice. I have no idea if the game has different endings or not but I was not motivated enough to re-play the whole game to find out. So, the base plot of the game goes something like this:
You take on the role of a 20-year-old college-going guy. Since he’s still in his prime, his sexual drives are a bit too active. It’s quite obvious that the game’s original plot is a step-family incest plot. But, not everyone likes incest stories & that’s why they allow you to choose the relationship between the characters. Anyways, you can see the extreme sexual motives of the main character & how sly he is with his different plans to get everything to go as per his will. Although most of the game is mostly just sex, there are a lot of interesting non-sexual parts.
I forgot to mention, you can choose whether to activate NTR(Netorare) (That’s basically sharing your better half with someone else. It’s basically cheating on your “Lover”.). Depending on what you choose, the storyline branches differently. But there aren’t a lot of differences, it just replaces some parts & dialogues. Even your choices don’t have a lot of effect on the game’s storyline.
Gameplay Mechanics
Well, this is a Visual Novel game. All you have to do is to click on the screen to move on to the next dialogue. In some parts, you have a couple of choices & you have to choose from those. That’s literally all there is to the game.
Apart from the basics, the game has a Panic button. It’s actually a pretty cool feature. When you click the panic button, it brings up a picture of doge in space with a few texts. "What’s the use of this button?" you may ask. This is useful to hide the screen when you’re playing & suddenly, someone walks into the room. You don’t want others to see you play this game. More NSFW games need to add this feature.
You can save the game in three ways. Firstly, there is a Quick-Save option, then there is an Auto-save. The last way is obviously manually saving the game. The game saves at the current dialogue, so when you play the game again, it loads up the same dialogue. This means that you don’t have to repeat a whole segment like in other games.
The game also has a “Text-To-Speech” feature where an AI reads the dialogues. I didn’t find it really useful but it might prove to be helpful for other players. What disappointed me is that the game didn’t have an auto-play feature. You have to manually click on the screen after each dialogue. It kinda gets annoying to keep on clicking. But it is what it is.
One more thing, they should’ve added an option to go to the previous dialogue just in case you accidentally clicked the screen. I am not sure if such an option existed but I couldn’t find it. Because of this, I missed a lot of dialogues since I accidentally skipped a lot of parts.
Visuals & Audio
The visuals are actually really good. The character models look animated but have a lot of realistic details to them. I mean, people look for highly detailed models in NSFW games for the ultimate experience. There are only a few “Video” parts. Those parts were made pretty well. But the only problem is that they are really short. It would be good if they at least looped for a while, but they end as soon as they begin. The female main characters, Mia & Emma, are very attractive. I prefer Emma though. The only drawback in the visuals is that there are quite a few spelling errors in some of the dialogues. I am sure they can fix those in the future updates they would release.
The audio segment of this game is really bad. The game is really quiet most of the time. Then all of a sudden, loud-ass music plays. Whenever this happened, my heart nearly stopped. The music they use is really basic & very repetitive. They reuse the same 2-3 soundtracks over & over again. I don’t think they had any money left from their budget after spending a lot on the visuals. There are also a few sound effects here & there. But again, they are really basic & not really intriguing.
A well-written storyline.
Very long gameplay.
Beautiful Main Characters.
Player has the choice to choose the relationship between the character & whether to enable NTR or not.
Highly detailed character models although they aren’t that realistic.
The game has a Panic Button to save you from unnecessary embarrassment.
Horrible sound design.
Your in-game choices have little to no effect on the game’s plot.
There are a few spelling errors in the dialogues.
No replayability factor.

I am not excited for the second season of this game but I might just give it a shot. I have no idea why this game was interesting but I do not regret playing it. I am not sure if it is everyone’s cup of tea but it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. I recommend getting this game during a sale if you really want to buy it!
Rating: 7/10

Review from Steam

Remember, Lord,
your compassion and mercy
which you showed long ago.
Do not recall the sins and failings of my youth.
In your mercy remember me, lord,
because of your goodness.

Review from Steam

lots of sex

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