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About the Game

Submorse is a small, singleplayer app that helps you learn and practice Morse code. Start learning in the tutorial, hone your skills in the practice mode, and compete for a spot on the global leaderboard in the time trials.The TutorialIntended for beginners, the tutorial first introduces you to the codes that are easiest to remember. Once you have completed the tutorial, you will have achieved a degree of mastery. The translations you learn will be in your long-term memory and only strengthened with practice.Practice ModeChoose what you want to learn with the Practice Mode. This mode lets you enter a series of characters, words, or sentences you would like to brush up on or learn. These characters can be presented in a random order to sure up your knowledge of translations you struggle to remember. You can also put in words, sentences, or phrases that you already know or are interested in learning.Time TrialsThe time trials let you show off your skills. Offering no help/cheats if you get stuck, they are purely about speed. The shortest times from the trials are displayed on a global leaderboard in the submarine, so go get your name out there!The SubBe sure to explore the submarine for hidden features/interactions. The sub may be small, but it is packed full of detail. ..../.-/...-/.//..-./..-/-. !
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