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Strike Vector EX is a competitive first-person aerial-combat game that satisfies every gamer’s fantasy of waging dizzying dogfights with super-powered aircraft. Bursting with customizable mech-inspired ships, Strike Vector EX disrupts the air combat genre through a combination of impressive mechanics, imaginative aircraft, and stunning, first-person, fast-paced multiplayer fights.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Grade = A. Worth a buy, for who enjoy campaign ranking, tactical piloting, PvP. However, for who want regular online player ready anytime, don't buy it
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COMPARE TO "Strike Vector":
Added Story Mode
Updated with classic dual weapon combat
Better graphic (A lot improvement from beta version)
Easier to pilot & aiming
Added a dodge button
Switchable hold / toggle in jet mode
Able to unlock customization in solo mode
New challenge stage
Challenge stage now is made for Casual Gamer
Skirmish mode for offline player
Bot in multiplayer
Not easily game over on a crash / scrape
No more preset in the hangar
Hangar design is not good as previous Strike Vector
💎 Immersive speedy boosting effect
💎 Diverse Score/Time Attack mode
💎 AI bot fill in the empty slot in Multiplayers
💼 Willing to pay again, if already own the original version
💼 Capable to find the community to join the Multiplayer
🔧 Lack of content ➜ Because each stage allow to finish quickly
🔧 Downgrade of the original Strike Vector ➜ But this version also isn't too bad
🔧 Fighting AI bot is not fun ➜ This also isn't too bad
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Approximate File Size = 4.79 GB
Average Completion Hours = 2h - 3h
Achievement Completionist = 16h
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Review from Steam

Strike Vector EX... The reboot of one of the fastest games ever made.
The new version offers a new campaign mode, skirmish mode (to practice offline), and bots to fill matches whenever there arent enough players to play.
To make it short, this is how the original strike vector was supposed to be like.
It makes me really upset to see threads on the community hub arguing about the game not being free for the original version owners, this isn't just an update! It's a whole new game based on the old one.
Existing SV owners gets a 50% discout! That's huge considering how small the team is.
The game strong point its still the multiplayer, which hasnt lost its speed and proves to be competitive even using the controller.
What else do i have to say about my fauvorite game? 10/10 i would totally recommend it

Review from Steam

quick review
Feels great to play even on a keyboard.
Rugged looking vector crafts and world to fight in is pretty detailed for a $12 game.
All weapons and equipment are available from day one so nobody has an unfair advantage level wise.
Campaign is ok. Nothing special.
No pay2win or pay2look-better-than-you market. Classic, clean, no strings attached multiplayer game like from 2005.
Loaded with bot players right now because the community is still growing. Jumping on board will help immensely with this problem.
Base price is fair for what it offers. Any sale that brings it below $10 is definetly worth it.

Review from Steam

Strike Vector is great.
You should play Strike Vector !
It's pretty much Quake/ Unreal on steroids.
All that in the sky with 6dof limitless controls.
This game is such a gem, probably the most underestimated game on steam imo.
Such a shame it never got the recognition it deserved & the playerbase never grewed enough.
Everyone leaving bad reviews because of low playerbase are silly.
Same for the bad reviews because of the removal of the two differents weapons options.
They probably never played sv since it was pretty much an useless option on vanilla sv.
The game is still being played so it's not dead (low populated but not dead), join these groups if you want to play:
Edit 2020:
The devs have decided to remove both games from steam.
Another bad move tbh...
RIP Strike Vector, forever in my heart !

Review from Steam

SVEX is a reworked and expanded version of Strike Vector in the unreal 4 engine. Should you pick up this "new" game?
I think so, because there is simply NOTHING like Strike Vector out there right now. Flying Mech / 6DOF/ Space Shooter / Jet combat junkies get attracted to this game, but its actually more like Quake style FPS in space, highly maneuverable super fast paced and better played with a mouse and keyboard. As a cult game, you just have to allow some of its quirks and glitches and experience it for what it is. I think it's a must play even for owners of the first SV and I really hope to enjoy some renewed multiplayer activity. Make sure to join the community discord channel!
longer review below:
I'm an owner of the original strike vector who tested the SVEX open beta and then bought the game at the 50% temporary discount for owners of the original.
Here are some of the pros and cons of SVEX as a revised and updated version of the original game. Overall I think this game is worth the purchase even for owners of the original who might have preferred EX as a free upgrade instead of a 5.99 discounted new product.
First, here are the main positive differences between SV and SVEX:
+ rebuilt on Unreal Engine 4 (previously UE3) fpr PS4 and now ported to PC (yes it's a "port" with tweaks, more on that below)
+ new solo campaign with a story and voice acted characters (pretty short but fun and cheesy like a dreamcast era action arcade game vibe. also each mission is timed so there is replay value to speedrun them)
+ reworked (simplified) gameplay mechanics. Most notably: Weapon loadouts are the same for left and right guns, and they fire together. It's much harder to die from crashing into walls than the original but still possible(a major reason newbies gave up on the original), speed boost rings also no longer have a crash-able surface around them. Finally theres some additional control options such as the ability to hold a key to trigger fast mode, which makes things feel WAY more fluid on its own.
+ AI Players integrated seamlessly into multiplayer. Lack of bots was a big reason why the first SV died, and now they populate empty servers automatically and get replaced as real players join. you can also play practice skirmishes against bots for those who arent interested in multiplayer. They are pretty well done and the higher level AI can be a nice challenge.
+ new multiplayer maps (theyre in the works if not currently available)
+ steam achievements
+ new crosshairs (small detail, but made a big difference in comfort for me to have a + reticle instead of a circle).
there are a lot of other design changes not mentioned here too.
Now some cons of SVEX:
- it's a console port, so some console port woes exist. notably: netcode built for 60fps (can be unlocked but with possible glitches in multiplayer. 144fps feels great otherwise); interface is designed for console so youll see console button prompts alongside keys; in first person mode the weapon models are cut off too soon at higher FOVs (hopefully theyll add an option to turn weapon models off).
- it's NOT a sequel. Make no mistake this is an expanded form of the original game. Whether you think it's worth the price as an owner of the original is up to you. If you havent played the original, definitely get this version as it's got much more content. The only reason to play the old version would be to retain some of the details of the game mechanics that made it particularly brutally hard.
- Until people set up more dedicated servers, many of the multiplayer servers are P2P which among other things means that when the host leaves the server gets shut down. Hopefully more dedis will get put up soon, since right now when the host ragequits, everyone gets kicked

Review from Steam

Pew Pew? Check
Zoom Zoom? Check
Fashion meta? Check
Explosions? Check
Running into a wall at light speed? Check and Check
Sound track to make it all satisfying? Check
Who even needs more parameters than that to decide if a game is worthy?

Review from Steam

Diamond in the Rough
OVERVIEW: I've been looking for a flight sim/dog fighting game for a long time, something that gave me the same thrill I got playing the Ace Combat games. Strike Vector EX is that game. This game is an absolute gem and I'm surprised that it hasn't got more recognition.
+ Combat: Definitely the highlight here, if you buy this game you're going into this strictly for the dogfights. Strike Vector EX combines two modes of movement; a 'slow mode' where your fighter jet hovers in place, allowing you to strafe around enemies, aim easier, even zoom in for a precision shot. The second mode is 'fast mode' where your fighter jets forward at high speed allowing you to reposition, shoot while flying, etc. The combination of these two modes is genius since it create this unique gameplay where you're constantly switching between modes to reposition, aim at someone, and pull off these badass 90 degree turns. The stages are also designed with this gameplay in mind with plenty of open spaces to fly around and tight corridors and obstacles for those strafing shootouts. Theres a decent amount of customization with multiple different weapons and special weapons available that change your playstyle, like a shotgun designed for close-quarters or homing missiles.
+ Value: This game has good value. You get a single-player campaign, skirmish mode to play against AI, and multiplayer to play with other people. Even if you're not interested in MP or can't find a match, I think the gameplay is so good that you could simply play the campaign or go against AI and that would be worth its price on sale ($6 for me).
+ Visuals: Surprisingly great. The world has this high-concept feel to it with detailed stages, wonderfully designed fighter jets and a nice art-style for the campaign.

- Nitpicks: The campaign is short; around 2 hours depending how good you are and the plot isn't good. Hated the guitar music they used. Would definitely appreciate more content overall.

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