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Steel Saviour Reloaded

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Many years after a global war humanity is close to extinction because of lack of water. You’re the young pilot who finds a flying war ship and travels into inner earth to discovers machine creatures who are responsible for humanity's suffering. Take control of the flying ship and fight the machines to save the world.

Avoid enemies and walls and use different weapons to destroy the big bosses. A combo system will lead you to beat the ranking. Interact with different environments with water and fire, adopting different strategies from time to time.

★ Artistic and original graphics

★ Exciting soundtrack

★ Huge bosses to defeat

★ A challenge to reactivity and concentration

★ 4 levels of fun and action inspired by the golden age of shooters.

★ Sequel to the Amiga cult game T-Zero!

The return of a classic.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A re-release of a 18 year old horizontal (euro)shmup with modern resolutions support. The graphics may show their age on a big screen, but the game is very well made and balanced. Straight forward gameplay and score mechanics; you just shoot stuff quickly to gain multiplier, making use of your blaster and your secondary weapons, while dodging enemy fire. Bombs can also help you a lot, when in a tight spot. If you feel brave enough, you can also go hunting for treasure items in dangerous areas, across the 4 chapters of the game. Overall, this is a good one. Recommended! (8/10)

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