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Steel Rats

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Wreck and ride in a visceral and ground-breaking evolution of the 2.5D action arcade genre, fusing destructive, octane-fueled, motorbike combat and death-defying stunt gameplay, set in a visually stylized retro future world. Switch between 4 characters, each with unique abilities, as you wreak havoc fighting deadly Junkbots! Skillfully wreck havoc as you master the realistic physics based controls of your sweet ride. Destroy Junkbots with a barrage of special abilities and weaponry like wheel-mounted saw blades, harpoon guns, handlebar mounted mini guns or flame spewing exhausts. The more creative the destruction the better, ride up walls, backflip of the side of buildings and crush some Junkbots mid-air whilst riding upside down.
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Review by Anonymous

Just recently played it. I found the concept exciting - I love bikes and games, and together they are just great, the style is cool, but controls really need more simplicity, or an optional arcade mode in settings.

What comes to my mind is a combined keys for an action, e.g.: ASD - turns you around. A/D for speed/slow, W for jumps, S for actions.

Pros: Awesome game with superb new concept, good graphics n visuals, cool bikes n characters, and great fun mechanics/stunts. Missions/Levels are well designed with high replay value. Game is very addictive and super fun once you get hold onto the controls.

Cons: Playing with keyboard is hard and clunky. Though you can configure keys to your liking still it is not as friendly as a Controller. It takes time to get used to the game control scheme. Even with a Controller, at times, it gets clunky and frustrating. I wish I could reconfigure buttons on Controller as well. I also notice frequent lag on few levels. Sometimes key presses won't register and miss your actions.

Review from Steam

Controller is highly recommended for this game! I can tell you because, for the first few hours I had to play it without one.. and it was really hard to get the hang of it and with a control it is a bit difficult to play this game but still worth it is addictive this game.

Review from Steam

Remember folks this is just my first impressions of the game within an hour of playing. First off, I think I reallly should plug-in my control pad, sadly it is not here atm, so I had to use the keys which makes the game less smooth. And that my friends, is the key word here...smooth...
This game is fantastic fun, at least the first couple of levels which I have played. It took me awhile to get around to trying this game out. I was burned out with platformers, and I figured it would just be another one with a gimmick. I suppose it does qualify as a platformer, but not a complicated one where you have to remember tons of different levels and jumps. This is like an old-fashioned platformer, where it's all about speed and simplicity, but major fun, coupled with addictive gameplay.
The graphics are great. Small and extremely detailed, and it runs ....smooth...
So this game has you on a motobike, sort of like an old 40#s style triumph. You can jump, pull wheelies, do u-turns, switch lanes at speed. It all feels very comfortable, and that you are in control. You can pull off stunts, and mad jumps at high speed, even use a saw on your front wheel to blitz your way through any obstacles. I'm sure there will be a ton of other tricks and gadgets as the game progresses, and it has that very rare quality of modern games where if you die, you want to have another go straight away! It's just so .....smooth...
Have you ever played any of the Trial Fusion motorbike games? The ones where you take on various tricky courses using rag doll physics? Well, although the bike riding is a lot easier to control in Steel Rats, you still get that feeling, and then couple it with a platformer. It's almost like Sonic the Hedgehog but with a motor bike!
So for a contrary player such as myself, who often plays a bit of a game and then leaves it behind to gather dust, I can safely say I will not be doing that with Steel Rats. I just hope the game continues in this fashion. Also, when I use my gamepad, this wil be even better, the sheer definition of
So, for me this really is unexpected gem. It's a great little adrenaline dump, especialy after all of the strategy and rpg games I have doing lately. There is a plot to the game, and different characters with cutscenes, which is also nice so that there is some developement throughout the game. You can also earn in game currency for doing neat tricks and smashing up stuff in a glorious bout of carnage. With this you can buy new skins and looks, and perhaps even different bikes. There's also rewards for beating laptimes. Which gives it that replayability.
The only con I have found so far is that you probably will need a control pad to get that zen feeling when you are zooming along, dodging explosions, and jumping off ramps, whilst activating your saw to blaze through any oncoming obstacles. Without one, I don't know how hard it might get further on, especially with even more weapons.
So first impressions are great. I shall follow this up with my final review in a few months, but if this sounds like the type of game you would be into, then go for it!

Review from Steam

Very fun side scrolling game with bikes against bots and various hazards. It has too many advantages to pass like nice level design with secrets to descover, variety of abilites between the bikers to suit your style, many different enemies, cool main theme song while the sound doesn't disappoint.
One the other hand, very few bugs not worth mentioning and controls may be tricky to some, although I finished it entirely on Keyboard I see some may have some issues without a controler. My biggest complain is the last boss, not too tough to beat it but to beat it under 3 minutes, if you are an achievement hunter.

Review from Steam

cool, underrated platformer with interesting mechanics and good music

Review from Steam

No one reads reviews, so i'll say that i'm gay

Review from Steam

I am very disapointed to say. I haven't found any rats.
So far its pretty alright!

Review from Steam

I got this for free and it's pretty. has good voice acting and respectable soundtrack.
But it also has bugs and gameplay wise it has its ups and downs so be warned.

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