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Starless Night

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Starless Night is a single player RPG style closed world game. Follow the story of an average fisherman sent on an otherworldly quest to retrieve the missing pieces of Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, and Lyra, the Harp to restore order to the Heavens. Solve ancient puzzles, hide from deep sea monsters, and fight famous constellations, all to once again bring light back to the Starless Night.

-Starless Night features a single player story mode inspired by the night sky and the Greek myths behind the constellations.
-A ‘smashing’ two-player mini game.
-Explore the five oceans of the world, each with their own unique aesthetic.
-Solve a series of puzzles, each more complex than the last!
-Fight against Greek heroes and cunning crows.
-Meet a family of crabs who provide helpful hints to the player in times of need.
-Explore the colorful undersea worlds filled with gorgeous flora and fauna with the free range camera movement.
-Starless Night’s soft pastel and low-poly design, make it an appealing game for players of all ages!
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