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The Splashers are in great danger! The quiet and peaceful workers from Inkorp are being led to their doom by paint factory's evil, greedy boss: Le Docteur. A young hero rises to fight for what's right. Armed with a splatter cannon, he launches an attack in order to save the Splashers and stand up to the dictator. His prodigious paint cannon grants him colorful superpowers which he can use to stick to the walls, bounce, or attack enemies. To help him succeed in his noble mission and put an end to the madness, put your skills and reflexes to the test and face whatever the factory throws your way. Splasher is a 2D platformer with unique arcade-style action gameplay. It offers gamers challenges that require agility, speed and fast reflexes, all set in a crazy cartoon universe.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Controls like a dream. If you're familiar with Meat Boy, same floaty jump controls here, and you'll be on your way fast.
Don't let my short play time as of review steer you away. These type of platformers are all about that sweet feeling of mastery thru perfect control. If you like those games, you'll enjoy this one too.

Review from Steam

TLDR: Messy controls but great overall game.
I love this aspect. Throughout the entire game it consistently matches the style in the advertising material. Timeless and great to look at.
Doesn't really exist. There's motives for the actions in the levels, but not much past that.
Not the best for me, but potentially better for you. I got around 1 hour of gameplay per dollar spent compared to my usual liking of 2 hours per dollar. Of course, if you're into speedrunning, you'll likely get much more gameplay out of this than just the main playthrough.
Progressively difficult. Gets quite hard at the end.
Not a challenge. Basically just head in one direction, mainly just exist to be obstacles.
Not used often, but very creative art used in significant moments (seriously, the art in this game is amazing).
Mostly fun. It's really fast paced and enjoyable to finish levels/progress, but the controls are very messy at times which can be infuriating.
Amazing soundtrack. It hypes you up amazingly and I'm honestly considering paying for the soundtrack.
If you're into tons of restarts and speedrunning, there's near infinite replayability potential. If you're just here to play through, it's not replayable at all.
This is the worst part of the game. Movement is the focus yet it's often very clunky. Aiming is also horrible, which is really painful as half the gameplay requires aiming.
Runs on anything.
I'm not aware of any mods and doubt that there are any.
Selling Out:
The devs have not sold out.
Similar Games:
Potentially Super Meat Boy.

Review from Steam

Really fun gameplay. Unique and is low difficulty. I like it

Review from Steam

Wickedly difficult platformer with a wicked soundtrack to match. The concept is very unique and the graphics are awesome

Review from Steam

Great Game, lot of fun. not very long, but pletty of chalages and timed races