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Spirits’ Creek

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January 1988, in a secluded place in the heart of Chic-Choc Mountains, Quebec.

An avalanche tears apart the luxurious ski lodge known as Spirits’ Creek. The place is isolated from the world, prisoner of a storm with seemingly no end in sight. Émile Arsenault, the owner-founder, attempts to find his daughter who vanished during the events – but the hotel is riddled with monstrous creatures and inexplicable events.

Do you have what it takes to fight through the night and save your daughter?

Spirits’ Creek is a third-person survival-horror experience crafted by students in 15 weeks.

  • Explore a luxurious hotel filled with mysteries and unveil the Arsenault family’s secrets

  • Fight frightening creatures and a ruthless, blood-thirsty Beast

  • Discover new tools to increase your chances of surviving and explore the haunted dwelling
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Great game, lots of love and passion put into it. The atmosphere is amazing, and so is the sound design. Truly a masterpiece for a free game.

Review from Steam

Spirits' Creek succeeds at being an ambitious student game that manages to have a strong sense of atmosphere. So many aspects of this game show the creativity of the devs and their understanding of the horror game genre. The soundscapes are effective and the art is impressive considering the limited number of weeks the game was developed in.
The mechanics are things you would expect from horror games. Fleeing monstrosities, limited save stations, limited resources and scattered documents of storytelling. The game adds in some puzzle elements revolving around fire and ice befitting of the mountainous environment where the game takes place.
There are some bugs here and there but overall the experience shows the promising future for all of those involved. Congratulations!

Review from Steam

The setting and atmosphere are convincing enough and the music and sound design are great! Love the segments with the Beast too! Sure, some mechanics and animations could be polished, but as a game made by students in such a short time frame, it really holds up! I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

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