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About the GameA fast paced, short rounded multiplayer pvp shooter, played in a sort of top down perspective. Defeat other apprentices, mobs or bosses in the undergrounds and become a true wizard.

Spellic is a casual pvp shooter, focused around your skill to remember all sorts of spells to win. Players will be thrown heads on in a 5v5 arena, or everyone by themselves, while surviving mobs and other creatures.

Cast spells by typing them, creating an athmosphere designed for whacky combat, misstypes and paniced gameplay. Thats where the fun in Spellic lies.

But be careful. Mobs and other deadly creatures roam the undergrounds, where the wizards battle.

Play a classic team deathmatch or bewitch everyone in your lobby in a free for all. Or you can try to defeat a boss monster with your fellow wizard apprentices and make the undergrounds saver in an epic boss battle.


Spellic is a revival from another project with the same name by a young developer named Wizz. Wizz created Spellic for a game jam in 2015, but sadly he quit and the development of the original Spellic stopped. I worked with Wizz together on Spellic, and after years of grief I created a new version on my own too keep this awesome game rocking. I hope someday you find this Wizz. I miss you, old friend.
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