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Spell Defender

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Spell Defender is a 3D, Third-Person, wave defence, survival Roguelite.

Use magical powers to defeat waves of enemies. Each wave rewards you with a choice of a new power.

Find synergies and combine these powers to create the ultimate defender.


Hordes of evil creatures are attacking in waves. Your only goal is to survive.

Become Stronger!

After each wave, you will be given a reward. A new spell? A new passive? A new enhancement? Choose wisely to create your ultimate defender.

Find Spell synergies!

There are a ton of different spells and passives. Figure out what the best synergies are!

Permanent upgrades!

Didnt survive? No worries. After each death, you will be rewarded with coins that you can spend to upgrade your character to make the next playthrough easier.

Future planned updates

  • New levels!

  • New Gamemodes!

  • More Spells!

  • More challenges and achievements!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Great fun, very short (2-4 hours), spells are diverse and feels great. Replay-ability only suffers because it lacks an endless mode, I would easily play this for another 50-100 hours if it existed, as there's no goals left after the game is finished right now. I'm looking forward to following this games development, the Dev is onto something great! <3
It could benefit from:
Slower passive-ability power-scaling as caps are reached fast.
More passive options like critical damage, extra projectiles and more auto-attack related traits.
Reduced economy, its very fast to max everything available.

Review from Steam

Looks good and plays well. Love the voxel graphics combined with nice light effects. Dev seems keen on community input into future plans too.

Review from Steam

Found this gem while searching for VS-like games. It's definitely easier than VS, and feels more rewarding. You get some coins even if you die quick (if you manage to score some kills).

Review from Steam

Great Survivors-like that offers a limited set of abilities for any run and have you adapt to elemental attacks and elemental resistances among the enemies. In between runs you're able to upgrade a wide array of stats to improve your chances for the next run.
Played the Demo for a good 5 hours and loved it. So far the full version seems to be the same but with more abilities and more tightly balanced. Challenging without getting frustrating.

Review from Steam

game fun :thumbs_up:

Review from Steam

Pretty fun!

Review from Steam

Having a blast the entire time. So many different combos you can try out. Nearly any style can work as long as you understand the mechanics. Buy this game so we can have more like it.

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