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Speed Brawl is a 2D combat-racer about moving fast and hitting hard! Maintain your momentum, build your combos, and unleash powerful special moves. Find your own fighting style, and assemble the finest team of brawlers ever seen. Then do it all again faster... faster... FASTER!!! Features -6 Unique Brawlers with their own play styles -Loads of upgrades to customize each fighter and blast through the competition -Razor sharp visuals and beautifully animated characters -Over 50 unique action-packed events and races to wade through across multiple Speed Brawl Leagues. -Local and online co-operative play through the whole campaign! Take control of your team of fighters in an elite sport where only the bravest, the fastest, and the most worthy warriors face an onslaught Selenite hordes. Welcome… to Speed Brawl!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

fun & satisfying combat, early game is a bit mediocre but it'll get better later, the soundtrack is a plus.

Review from Steam

Overall (TL;DR): Speed Brawl is a fun, polished, and engaging 2D smash-em-up. Where it lacks in story, it makes up in everything else. I recommend a USB controller (two-handed style, like a steam controller) with frequent breaks to save your hands from cramping up.
-The combat system is very responsive, intuitive, and satisfying. There are some minor, arguably negligible drawbacks (such as the minor obscurity of KO'd brawlers on the field), but they can be largely ignored. Combos are easy to rack up if you're paying attention, but not an absolute necessity, leading to a bit of flexibility in the combat scenarios. There are a lot of different game "modes" littered throughout the campaign, keeping it spiced up.
-The UI is incredibly snappy, allowing navigation through the menus with pretty much as much speed as you'd like and expect from a game focused on going fast-fast-fast.
-The art and animation are both really fantastic! The levels are complete, thematic, appropriately colored and scaled. The enemy types are denoted with clear color and shape separation, making it easy to pick up on the different types at a glance. The animations are expressive and they feel like they have an appropriate "weight" to them. The dialogue and cut scenes have more detailed character art which I really enjoyed, as well. The UI was simple to navigate, well-structured, clear, and readable in every circumstance.
-The sound and music are appropriate, engaging, and well designed. I would have liked a just a few more options and a bit of tweaking to the sound levels, but nothing to shake a stick at. The voices were excellent! Top quality recordings and very expressive. :)
-The controls were easy to learn, rebind, and express. There is capability to use a USB controller and a keyboard simultaneously, in local play.
-There is an enemy type that is very tough and it does not seem to "scale" like the others. This one element seems to have a sort of unintentional (at least I assume so) "Hard Stop" baked into it. It's the big purple drone mini-boss which casts out an AOE shock field. The mob version isn't so bad, but the mini-boss version just really drove a spike into the game flow because it is a choice of "wait it out" (less speed for the speed brawl) or "eat a ton of damage" (less brawler for the speed brawl). The final boss had a couple small, annoying elements, but didn't overdo the cheese. Most of the other enemies were pretty easy to read, manage, and dispatch.
-Story: It was very generic. Most interactions consist of "We're gonna kick some butt!" followed by "But I have something special planned for you, so no you won't!". By the halfway mark of my first run, I was skipping most dialogue once I determined whether or not it was going to clue me in on the gimmick which was to follow. There's some "twists" to the story or however you want to look at it, but nothing particularly groundbreaking. There are little story blurbs to read on loading screens, but with a lightning-fast SSD, I wasn't able to read up on all of it. This is not a story-heavy game, and that's OK. The action more than makes up for it.
-With 6 brawlers, I found myself gravitating to only 3 or 4 of them. Two of them just didn't seem to be valuable, overall. That is, of course, for a tryhard-but-not-too-hard session (roughly 15 hours, going for gold medals). I pulled off the "Main storyline in less than 10 hours" achievement on my second session (roughly 4 hours) sticking to just 2 brawlers and jamming through menus, skipping every dialogue, etc. Though, I did look up a speed run of a particular stage and saw one of my less-preferable characters in use with great skill. So, I think it may have just been my lack of desire to go light speed, but just fast enough to enjoy it. So, to sum up this point, I feel like the advantages of the 2-3 other characters (Johnson, Karl, Automotom) could have been built up a little more, either by enemies that would suffer more against them or different skill sets? Hard to say.
-I have not tried local or internet multiplayer, and I bet it would be an interesting experience. I am used to combo-driven games being played solo, but this game seems like it would be interesting to have more chaos introduced, as the combo is not a main feature of score. It was a good solo experience, nonetheless!

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