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Embark on an epic sci-fi, free-to-play adventure. Spacelords is a brand-new take on the shooter genre. Through its 4 vs 1 campaign, you experience both sides of the story: Join the Raiders in their fight to free the legendary Broken Planet, or switch sides and fight as the Antagonist alongside the invading hordes! Spacelords is completely free to play. You will be able to fully progress through the entire game. New 4 versus 1 campaign. Experience both sides of the story: join the Raiders in their fight to free the Broken Planet, or switch sides and foil their missions as the Antagonist. Mod your weapons and chose among hundreds of Cards to customize your character and create the ultimate Spacelords. Live a cinematic experience: over 80 incredible cinematic scenes will submerge you into the Spacelords universe.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

lycus Dion? that son of a thousand dingos is on that planet

Review from Steam

Community is mostly dead but it's still fun as heck, with friends it's perfect. It's free, and if you have 3 friends you can just goof off and be idiots! Load times are long that's why I mostly say to bring friends.

Review from Steam

It was a decent FTP game by MercurySteam;
I've played the Microsoft store version a little while back, the experience was mostly empty and disappointing, this game is not much fun in competing solo, as the mechanics are intended to play co-op.
Finally, the good and motivating thing about this game is the game servers are still online, even tho I'm sure the devs are not making any money out of whatever 5-10 players still playing this game.

Review from Steam

One of my favorite multiplayer games. Good gameplay, funny characters, interesting weapons. Although, there hasn't been very significant content upgrades besides a gun or two. I hope this game gets a renaissance some day.

Review from Steam

I wish I could buy this title from Mercury Steam. It a good game BUT........They are too lazy to fix any problems and don't care enough about customers to do anything for this game. Too lazy to make money. I don't get it. WTF

Review from Steam

The rounds do not last long and can be enjoyed in small chunks or for hours at a time. The one complaint I have is the gun construction is not well explained and I had to do some guess work when figuring it out.

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