Space Ranger Appleseed

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It is the near future & earth has successfully planted an orchard on the distant moon ‘Moonapple’.

Your job as a Space Ranger will be to help it grow, despite the harsh Moon environment.

Ranger Cuthbert on the Space Station will guide you through the many tasks ahead.


Space Ranger Appleseed is a third person 3D platformer where you are a Space Ranger managing a moon & it’s orchard.

Among the many missions awaiting you will be:

  • Keep the moon orchards running with water and power & collect the apples when they are ripe.
  • Fly your Spaceship around the moon, ensuring no asteroids or other things will impact the facilities
  • Bring the apples to the Space station for processing & selling.
  • Drive around the moon, repairing communications and Orchard facilities when needed.

In Summary

The mission is yours to take!

Drive spaceships, ride moon buggies and trudge across the vast distances of space to ensure a bumper crop of apples gets made!

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