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So to Speak

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About the Game

Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese? Have you tried studying but feel like you aren't getting anywhere?

In So to Speak, you use context clues to guess the meaning of what you see and hear. Unlike other games and tools, meanings aren't revealed immediately. Every word is its own puzzle - to proceed, you must connect it to nearby objects or text with the same meaning. For example, you can drag a Japanese sign for "entrance" onto an actual building entrance located nearby or the English word "entrance" in the game's description of the entrance.

The game is a love letter to the Japanese language and the experience of wandering alone in another country. There are no drills, no fights, no minigames, and no distractions. The entire game is a series of situations, and each one helps you discover the meaning of something new.


  • Learn more than 300 words covering topics such as travel, nature, family, colors, numbers, time, and directions.

  • Explore cities, rural areas, gardens, and temples filled with signs and conversations to decipher along with clues to help you.

  • Grow your knowledge from simple words like "car" and "tree" to complex sentences like "The parking lot is for convenience store customers only."
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