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XBOX Controller Support Discontinued

Due to unsatisfactory results in terms of both configuration and responsiveness, which has lead to numerous customer complaints about controllability, I've ultimately decided discontinue XBOX controller support altogether, as I have been unable to remedy these issues to a satisfactory outcome.

Only keyboard control is available from now on.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

About the Game"SNAILS" is a retro-themed 3-D brawler, designed to emulate the characteristics and feel of a late-1990's era PlayStation 1 game.Consider these distinctively "retro" features

  • low-resolution display (320x240)
  • warped, pixelated, and unfiltered textures
  • absurdly low-polygon counts
  • short draw distances
  • crude, pre-rendered cinematic cut-scenes
  • ….and "glorious" tank controls

Assuming the role of 7-year old Dora Ditze, you have spent the lion's share of the afternoon recovering from an overnight case of the flu, only to find your neighborhood overrun by a malevolent horde of giant mutant slugs from outer space. With no recourse at your disposal other than instinctive reflexes stemming from an overpowering urge for survival, you must battle your way through seven levels of monster-infested mayhem, hopefully without becoming lunch along the way.

Heavily inspired by such classic PSX-era beat'em ups as "Nightmare Creatures" and "Fighting Force", "SNAILS" features unrelenting combat against oversized monstrosities that harbor little incentive other than making you their next meal.

Do you have what it takes to withstand the ravaging plague of evil denizens infesting your neighborhood? But, more importantly, do you have what it takes to relive the 90's, all over again?

Play and find out!

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