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Smoothcade is a cute “clear the screen” modern-arcade game that features co-op gameplay for up to four players. Recover the missing golden blend through 100 platform-jumping, puzzle-solving levels in story mode - consisting of handcrafted levels and a ton of fruity critters!

Players must capture critters using projectiles called cloudies. They then must rush into the cloudie to pop critters from the screen. Players can choose and swap between Mercy and Mayhem cloudies through a karma system - which impacts special bonus items and power-ups.

Story mode: A 100-level story, with three difficulty settings, on finding the missing golden blender!

Battle mode: Collect the most fruit to win! A party-style game mode for 2 to 4 players. Play on procedurally generated levels for new fast-paced fun!

Endless Mode: With only four lives, survive procedurally generated levels that increase in difficulty!

Speed Run: Beat the clock and adventure through a selected world of ten levels.

Replay: Play and practice any level for fun and try to earn 3-stars!

Capture & Karma System: Spit cloudies to capture critters and pop them away! You can even jump on cloudies to reach new heights! Swap between Mayhem and Mercy cloudies to earn special bonus items!

Unlockable characters: Play as 1 of 16 wacky and adorable characters, each with a unique skill set!

Unique Boss Fights: Challenge ten unique critters in a battle – each inspired by a fruit!

Unlockable Game Modes: Become a Smoothcade pro and unlock game modes such as Boss Rush and a “no continue” intense mode.

Accessibility: Outline players, enemies, objects, dim backgrounds, set auto-attack, and more!

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