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✉️Incoming message...

😀Emojis downloading...

😈Virus downloading...?

This computer world has been blindsided by a virus infection and plunged into chaos!

Control our smiling emoji protagonist, Smilemo😀, a program that managed to survive the infection, and break into the infected area. With the help of the systems manager, you must collect the scattered vaccine code!

Game features:

  • Run, jump, climb walls, and air dash! Enjoy the smooth controls as you zoom through a variety of action-based challenges!

  • Defeat this unique virus that causes you to bounce out of control at the slightest touch!

  • If you do fail, you can restart at the nearest checkpoint!

  • Eliminate the virus by collecting the pieces of vaccine code scattered across the stage!

  • Survive an intense boss battle! Avoid the boss's attacks and survive to the end to launch your counterattack!

Can you overcome the various obstacles, restore the vaccine code, and bring back peace to the computer world? Smilemo's spectacular adventure begins now!



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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Like Bennett Foddy mixed with Meat Boy. Traps everywhere, but levels are lengthy and getting hit knocks you back, which can snowball. On an xbox controller, I couldn't use the dpad, making it harder to be accurate. I uninstalled after ten minutes because, while I do hate myself, I don't hate myself enough to play this game for more than ten minutes. It seems pretty good if you DO hate yourself that much, though.

Review from Steam

Quick Score: 4/5
Notes: Pretty decent platformer overall. A bit short and not sure I would recommend at full price, but if you can get it on sale I would say go for it.

Review from Steam

CFK offers us Smilemo, a new 2D side-scrolling platform title that can be very addictive for those who love the genre, but it also has a very high difficulty, so if we don't have enough patience it's likely that we won't get past the first level.
Its gameplay feels very fluid and fun, we quickly got used to it, and both its retro-style graphics and sound help create a very entertaining experience.
It is not a very long game, since it only has 7 levels, which will ensure us a good challenge, so its duration will depend a lot on the skill of each player. Due to its cheap price and good quality, it is a recommended title for veterans looking for a new challenge in platform games, as well as for casuals in the genre, who want to test their patience to face the challenge.
Review Score: 8/10
CFK nos ofrece Smilemo, un nuevo título de plataformas con desplazamiento lateral 2D que puede resultar muy adictivo para aquellos amantes del género, pero también cuenta con una dificultad muy elevada, por lo que si no tenemos la suficiente paciencia es probable que no pasemos del primer nivel.
Su jugabilidad se siente muy fluida y divertida, rápidamente nos acostumbramos a ella, y tanto su estilo gráfico como sonoro al estilo retro ayudan a crean una experiencia muy entretenida.
No es un juego demasiado largo, ya que cuenta con solo 7 niveles, los cuales nos asegurará un buen desafío, por lo que su duración dependerá mucho de la habilidad de cada jugador. Por su económico precio y buena calidad, es un título recomendable para los veteranos que busquen un nuevo desafío en juegos de plataformas, así como también para los novatos en el género, que pretendan poner a prueba su paciencia para afrontar el reto.
Calificación: 8/10
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