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Claim command over the VR battlefield! Put the power of a full army – even dragons – at your fingertips in Skyworld, the award-winning RTS/TBS wargame for VR from the creators of Arizona Sunshine. Imagine a place where worlds dot the sky like stars. Worlds with cores of magic, as old as time though very much alive. Demons, driven by a lust for power, have now spilled into the once prosperous worlds to mine their powerful, magical crystals. Starting out with a small army, you set out on a conquest across the magical Skyworlds to deliver them from darkness. Developed from the ground up for VR, Skyworld puts you at the helm of a kingdom at war. Build and command your forces right in the VR world, conquer all Skyworlds in a royal campaign, and wage war against friends in online multiplayer.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Great game, very unique! Shifting between the game board (Overworld) and the Throne Room using the lever and watching the world flip over is a really cool way to change up the UI for the player, way better than the traditional tabbed menus! Beautiful artwork with a plethora of interact-able objects scattered around the game board and the battle map (e.g. picking up barrels and tossing them, slapping around trees). The card battler element with limited resources is a great idea for the battles, but I feel like combat could have more depth than the currently available unit and upgrade sets, e.g. more cards introduced that you can include or exclude from your deck, talent points for subtle passive or active bonuses, etc. Still, I found it very fun for what it is - an arcadey card battler strategy game.

Review from Steam

I really enjoyed this game and it's style of play. The campaign was a bit short but increasing the difficulty will lengthen your game.
It also comes with Skirmish so you can play until the cows come home.
It is sad the game hasn't developed more but I highly recommend buying it on special.

Review from Steam

26 Hours play time so far and still loving it

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