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Skirmish Mayhem

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Skirmish Mayhem is an action strategy game where you upgrade your arsenal, construct a base and build an army to defend against waves of enemies. Unlock more maps, heroes, weapons, units and buildings as you conquer the galaxy.

Three diverse factions

Battle as the bio-science obsessed Virid, Conquer as the holy order of Sanctul or sew chaos as the demonic legion of Matulis.

Upgrade inside and outside of the battle

Equip your hero with a multitude of weapons such as snipers, shotguns, lasers, shields and grow stronger over the course of a battle. Then outside of the battlefield upgrade a faction's tech tree increasing the stats of that faction and unlocking stronger weapons, buildings and units.

Defeat unique bosses

Each world has multiple bosses for you to beat, these range from giant alien mutants to huge landcrawlers spanning most of the map.

Unlock more content!

As you play you unlock new maps to fight on, new heroes to play as and new difficulties.
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