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Sin is the fire that fuels you, and the only way to get it is to track down the demons that are filled with it, cut out their black hearts, and consume them. The demons aren’t just going to let you though…


The world is dark and vast and what’s left of humanity can only lay claim to a tiny corner of it. If you want them to continue, you’re going to have to brave the nightmare-haunted ruins of the World That Was and face what lurks there.


The demons are bigger than you, stronger than you and faster than you. They don’t have anyone to watch their back though. Work together to overcome what one Sin-Eater alone could not.


For each Sin-Eater to play their part in the hunt, they must be properly prepared. Choose your class, weapons, and armour. Choose which fragments of Truth you will inscribe into that armour, each will empower you with a different supernatural ability. Your hunt will need to carefully consider each challenge to succeed.


It’s not only the hearts of demons that you can make use of. Nearly every part can be made into tools to help you defeat the next demon. Shape them to your purpose and turn each kill into a part of your arsenal.


Know your enemy, but first know yourself. Learn the demons’ strengths and where they are weak. Discover when to attack and when to avoid. Master every weapon, every move and every ability if you want to overcome every enemy.

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