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In this journey, you will play a rookie who came to Silicon Valley alone. You have already made your first pot of gold before, and now you are officially stepping into the investment world.
You will face hundreds of companies that are seeking investment. Most of them are colorful, seize these opportunities, make money from them and increase your worth. Of course, futures are also very worth investing in. To strike a balance between various investments and your own resources, and to further expand your business, this is what you have to do.
Work hard for a lifetime as a silent one, or have a place in the Forbes rankings, or enjoy your life every day, it is your choice.

Of course, you can also choose to enjoy life after earning money, whether to go to the gym to burn fat, or choose to travel and see the world, or just quietly drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the afternoon sun. That is your business.
Speaking of how to spend money, this is a question. You can choose to buy a luxury car that shows your worth, or you can choose to find a bigger place for yourself. Maybe you are a sane investor and choose to buy some properties and continue to expand your business. Some shops, ball teams, and even video game companies are on your list.

Yes, you will also meet some kinds of people here, some are weirdos, some are investors like you, such as A geek programmer with little words, or A charming social butterfly, or even A wrestler. How to deal with these interpersonal relationships will have some impact on your life and business.
Whether you choose to communicate extensively and become a friend of the world, or choose to step into the hall of marriage with one of them is your choice. Of course you can have them all.

Well, things are unpredictable, people may not have the same luck, you may be hit by a pie, get rich overnight, or you may also be stolen and go bankrupt overnight. But most of this kind of things are not your turn. but your investment will often be influenced by some social events or international situations. Of course, don't forget the profiteers who take advantage of you, and hope you can do your job with them.

Of course, I also want to make this game more interesting. Trust me, I think a lot about this. In the current version, you can customize the translation, If you are not satisfied with the current translation, you can modify any product in the game. If you are patient, you can let his mother not even recognize him.
The game can customize the portrait of the character. If you are a picky one, or you have a more favorite character, welcome to import it into the game.
Of course, I recently develop the character creator, you can also create your own character. I hope you don't go too far on this road.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Huh, I surprised when it finished suddenly at the end of the 25th investment year. Even if it was stated at the beginning I missed that point. I am disappointed for it, 25 is a short period I think. Isn't it possible a 30 years old people, starting investment with 300-400k and S/he can live 60 more years.
Why did I restricted to buy a limited amount of company share? If I had enough money, I should buy whatever I want.
I did not interested with social skills at the beginning (because I don't know it will end after 25 years.), so I have no idea about this part.
News should be developed.
If this game improved, I mean really improved, I can spend hundred times in it. However, it is really cheap, so at least you can buy and try it.

Review from Steam

Fun, addictive game

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