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Grab your local friend or via Steam Remote Play, build your robots with unique abilities, and prepare yourself for shoot-up with evil robotic armies. All that while receiving (more or less) severe, enraging (or just funny) defects in 10+ original episodes, all packed with stunning hand-drawn visuals. Fall apart but do not fall back!


Crawlbot and Jetbot are different in terms of playstyle and customization options, but they complement each other. Despite being from low-quality materials and prone to malfunctions.BUILD THEM UP...

Assemble your very own robots from various bonus parts, choose more faulty parts to build a more powerful but more unstable robot. Get additional moving directions, bigger magazine or active reload ability....AND WATCH THEM FALL APART

All bonuses need to be balanced out with faulty parts in a unique "High risk - High reward" customization. Once your robot is damaged enough, it will start to malfunction. Be prepared for various defects such as friendly fire, nonstop movement, or reloading a random number of bullets.VARIABLE HAND-DRAWN ENEMIES AND ENVIRONMENTS

Play through 7+ episodes, each consisting of three missions designed to be played in one sitting forming a short story. In every one of them, meet different enemies and experience variable beautiful environments, all created and animated by hand.COMEDIC TOTALITY

We have chosen the most boring theme on the planet Earth, added robots, turned it upside down, and took it to an absurd extreme, thus forming the brand new genre of comedic totality. Your enemies are vicious, tireless, and armed with suitcases. They stop at nothing to reach their sinister goal. Except for the lunch break, there is no way they are going to miss that.SEE YOU ON OUR DISCORD CHANNEL!JOIN THE RESISTANCE NOW, BECOME A SILICOMRADE, AND HELP SAVE INNOCENT LOW-COST ROBOTS!
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