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Siege of Dungeon

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About the Game

We combined various rogue-lite elements with traditional turn-based battles, creating the challenging “Siege of Dungeon.” In this one-of-a-kind random dungeon, countless rewards, events, enemies and traps await. After each task, your combination of character skills and relics will slowly take shape, forming your unique combat style. After successive heated battles, you will reach the deepest part of the dungeon.

Charge into the cryptic dungeon

In this ever-changing, randomly generated Underworld, you will have to make decisions depending on the various locations of monsters and events, which will lead to crises or victory for adventures!

Explore individually or as a team

In the vast interconnected dungeon, only adjacent characters can fight as a party. Under the circumstance of being surrounded by monster swarms, should you stick together or sneak in separately?

Deathmatches that come from sacrifices

In this underworld dungeon, you will discover relics and skills from adventurers past. Their unfulfilled ambitions will allow you to combine ever-changing battle strategies. When combining these two factors, use spectacular “burst” attacks to annihilate all enemies that stand in your way!


In the central sea area between the countries, a dark castle suddenly emerged. Scholars have discovered from ancient books, that this castle is from an ancient dynasty that should have been eternally sealed with spells. Each country sent troops to investigate and found that there is an unfathomably deep dungeon under this deserted city. A great deal of magical creatures lurk there, along with heaps of crystals and treasure.

Even though the rumors tell of the incredible depth and horrible magical creatures, there are still many strong adventurers drawn to the power and treasure, seeking to explore this unknown dungeon…

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