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Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate

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Chess, but all your army has gone over to the white side, leaving you with nothing but your royal shotgun and your wounded pride. Carried by your dark folly, you decide it's time to teach those white pieces to fear the Shotgun King.

Every turn, you may either move your king or shoot at enemy pieces, after what you'll need to move again to reload your shotgun. Avoid checkmate and kill the enemy king to complete the floor. After each floor, you may choose between two random combinations of one upgrade for you and one upgrade for the other side. Choose wisely and keep on winning floors and you just may get your kingdom back.

Runs may take ~20 minutes to complete. The game features 5 difficulties, plus an endless mode!
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Finally, Chess 2

Review from Steam

After nearly 1500 years, chess got it's first standalone dlc.

Review from Steam

Thing 1:
"As some of you have noted, the demo is quite generous and stands well-enough on its own. We're ok with that, we hope that if you really love the demo you'll find it in your heart to buy the full version and get the extra content. If you're broke or just don't care about the full version you can just keep on playing the demo, it is here to stay."
Thing 2:
"Not only is it here to stay, it will also receive all balance fixes, bugfixes and new localizations from the full game. We already updated the demo when the game released and we'll do it again with every new update. We don't care if this is a stupid business move, y'all deserve to have some good things in your life for free."
And with that his heart grew 3 sizes that day..
And 5.99 less in his wallet
Awesome game
Awesome devs
Challenging modes
Great ambient soundtrack
And just all round fun to pick up and play!
And then Play..
and, then Play!
and then Play?
Uh Oh..

Review from Steam

i was banned when i tried to do this at a local chess tournament

Review from Steam

it's literally just chess but while the AI is foolishly playing a regular game of chess, your king has a double-barrelled shotgun
any further commentary is redundant and purely serves to mislead you

Review from Steam

babe wake up chess 2 got released

Review from Steam

its like chess but you have a gun

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