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Ships Simulator 2024

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Play the role of a captain of large floating units!

See for yourself what it looks like working on a variety of ships, from cargo, through ferries to fishing boats. You can deal with navigation, unloading goods, mooring and even fishing in the open sea!

Plan a route

You become responsible for the entire ship, it is up to you what route you will take to your destination, so remember about the appropriate fuel supply, its lack means the end of the journey! Consider the weather conditions!

Various missions

There are many different missions to choose from, from transporting resources in massive ships to rescue missions in which you have to help trapped units with your icebreaker and then lead them to safer waters.

Machine operation

The goods will not discharge itself! Sometimes it is not enough to reach a specific place, the customer may require you to unload the raw material or containers to the appropriate place in the port

Get the right tool for the job

Pick from a wide spectrum of real equipment. Proper usage of tools is a key to success at sea.

All hands on deck!

The entire crew is at your disposal. Manage it and give orders, your cooperation is the key to victory! Together, face the various challenges at sea!
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