Ship of Theseus

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Ship of Theseus is an intense Sci-Fi shooter with an in-depth story, developed by a solo developer in California. An atmospheric single-player campaign is accompanied by a fully featured co-op multiplayer, where cooperation is as important as your own skills. Players can exchange bodies mid combat enabling refreshed cooldowns.

・Story-driven Sci-Fi shooter with a philosophical twist.

・Single player action with a strong emphasis on co-op multiplayer.

・Action packed gameplay with near infinite replayability.

・Unique combat rewards tactics and cooperation.

・An open-world experience that rewards exploration.

・Tight, controls and engaging teamwork mechanics.

・Use a variety of weapons and tactics to defeat the enemy.

・Two different character classes to choose from.

・Nonlinear mission structure with random events and dynamically generated maps.

・Unique and powerful character classes.

・A variety of weapons and items.

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