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Welcome to Shibadungeon!
Shibadungeon is a turn-based dungeon crawler where you can play with friends! The game will remain free throughout its lifetime and will be updated often based on the feedback of the community. The combat mechanics of Shibadungeon are inspired by Undertale which can makes turn-based battles a more interesting to play. In Shibadungeon you will be exploring huge maze-like dungeons while collecting materials and crafting recipes you find along the way, you will be able to both buy and craft better equipment to make your character stronger!
This is the first multiplayer game I have made so I really hope you enjoy it!

- 5 different classes (different stats and spells each)
- Interesting turn-based combat
- Huge maze-like dungeons to explore.
- Material collection and crafting.
- Many unique items and equipment.
- Online co-op and pvp.
- Decent music.
- a lot more to come!
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