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Sheep’s Territory

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A gang of wolves are invading the sheep's territory.

The sheep are stepping up the construction of fences to defend their home against invasion.

Due to limited resources and space, the fences have to be built in the most material-saving way. This is a huge challenge for the sheep...

They NEED your help!!!

Sheep's Territory is a casual puzzle game. In this game, you need to design the construction of fences according to the terrain and the location of animals to separate the sheep and the wolves into different areas.

In addition to exploring the puzzles, you can also interact with the sheep, the wolves and even ALL the objects in the scene in a relaxed atmosphere, and change new clothes for the animals!


  • 50+ puzzles with multiple solutions.

  • 20+ Steam achievements.

  • Fun interactions with any object in the scene.

  • Relaxing atmosphere and cartoon style animals with various appearances

  • Easy mouse control and free adjustment

  • Challenges of getting the golden stars to unlock hidden stage.

How To Play

  • Click the left button to place a wooden stake.

  • Select two stakes to build a fence.

  • Drag the stake to adjust the position.

  • Right click to remove / deselect a stake (or a fence).

  • Separate the sheep and the wolves into different areas.

  • Stakes and fences cannot cross any object.

  • Use as few stakes as possible to obtain the golden star.

I'd like to see your valuable comments about this game.

Some additions and updates may be coming soon :)
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam's an adorable looking game and a simple puzzle game. Easy to understand, tricky to fully complete all the golden stars. For the price, it's okay.
Now there were a few stages where I was stuck and would've wanted a hint, like maybe have the game place one stomp where it might go for a no-star completion to help the player out in the level. I can also see why you have music off for default. It's...interesting song that's just on the main menu.
Other than that, cute puzzle game for the price, had fun for like 2 nights

Review from Steam

What a cute puzzle game. Separate the wolves from the sheep. Simple mechanics. Plenty of achievements. A few challenges.

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