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She Wants Me Dead

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Max is in trouble. He pissed off his cat Lula and now she’s out to get him. And Lula is far from sweet. She is vicious, cold and unforgiving. More dangerous than Lula are her traps – deadly and brutal killing contraptions with Max’s name written all over them. SHE WANTS ME DEAD is a side-scrolling platform game, released along megastars CAZZETTE’s new hit single with the same name. Your job is to help poor Max, whose only hope is to get through Lula’s deadly gauntlets in one piece. This might sound easy, if it weren’t for the fact that Lula really, really wants Max dead. But there is help. CAZZETTE’S NEW HIT SONG plays a major role in the game. Lula’s traps and other things in the environment move in rhythm with the music. Are you groovy enough to help Max find safe passage? Or are you as stiff as the corpse he’ll be when the traps hit?
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

She Wants Me Dead Review!
She Wants Me Dead Is one of those must have side scrollers that has a rather interresting plot! You play as a guy called Max
that has annoyed his cat with the normal things cats gets annoyed about (Pushed of the bed, Sprayed them with water when they misbehaved ect.. ect..)
and now the cat is out for revenge and wants to put an end to Max by placing loads of traps to stop you throughout the level you have to complete
How Does The Game Play?
The gameplay is very fun and ultra addicting! It´s a short game with only 10 levels but does get harder and harder to closer you get to finishing it!
There is good replay value too since they have added a feature that if you complete a level without dying you get a golden frame around your precious cat photos! (Who wouldn´t want that??)
The game can be played with both Keyboard and Controller so you can use whatever you feel comfortable with!
Pros & Cons
Very addicting Gameplay!
Nice graphics considering the game style (Side Scroller Platformer)
Extremely awesome music that intereacts with the game is a really nice way! (stops playing when you die ect.. ect..)
Controller Support if you have one.
A really fun character customisation that you unlock parts to everytime you complete a level (You can be everything from a cat lover to a badass killing machine with a skirt!)
Takes no time at all to download/Install so the minute you buy it you pay it pretty much! (Currently only 30Mb)
Currently there is no options menu so you can´t turn down the music (Headphones warning)
Can be really fustrating at times so there´s a real hazard for a broken keyboard.
Might be a bit pricy for some people
Conclusion & Gameplay
She Wants Me Dead is an overall really good game that really makes you feel like you achomplished something even when just getting to a new checkpoint.
As said in the Pros the game doesn´t require that much space on your harddrive and could even fit on a flash drive so you can take it with you to other PCs (Requires you to log into steam ofc)
Another really nice thing is that this game is one of those games you can start and stop whenever you feel like it! So it´s the perfect game for when the class gets boring or if you have a few minutes to play.
For the guys that find this game a bit of the pricy side i would really recommend picking it up when it goes on sale!
Overall i would give it 8/10 for what it is.
If you want to see some hands on gameplay before you spend your hard earned cash then check out my letsplay of it down below!:

Review from Steam

Basic Information
Title: She Wants Me Dead
Status: Released
Developer: Hello There AB
Publisher: Hello There AB
Genre: 2D Platformer
Release Date: 13th of May, 2016
Type: Singleplayer
Now this is a rare case in which I first heard the song on YouTube which in turn piqued my interest in regards to the video game. Fear not, I have linked it and you can access it below, in the Audio section. As for the game, its dev team had previous experience with two other projects so they appear to have progressed a bit on Steam. I’m surprised the She Wants Me Dead versions on iTunes and Google Play are completely free yet the PC version is leaning towards the overpriced side.
You control the silent protagonist who’s the hapless owner of a lunatic house cat with solid engineering skills. Lula the Cat just as the game’s title implies, wants you dead and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Not much of a story here, is it? Most side scrollers are barebones like this, in terms of a coherent plot and a well defined cast of characters.
The one area in which the game truly shines is the visual department. I absolutely dig the near monochromatic style which offers the title a shot at the Noir subgenre. Of course it couldn’t be all Black&White without just a dash of Red. And a couple other colors since you have plenty of player customization options. It may be a fully fledged 2D title yet motion and shadow use offer at least the illusion of 2.5D. From a graphical perspective there’s not much to complain since it runs smoothly and offers sufficient sprite and background variety, even if the traps themselves aren’t that diversified.
This song explains it better than I could. Click me!
As for the gameplay and objectives to accomplish, the situation is clear from the start. You must survive any trap layed ahead by Lula and reach the safe house at the end of each of the 10 levels. I hope I don’t have to explain to you how a side-scrolling title works, right? You always move your character to the right side of the screen, if you wish to reach the end of the level at some point. In SWMD, you may have to avoid deadly obstacles but the principles of all its arcade predecessors still apply. Only one way forward and not a lot that you’re leaving behind.
Quick reflexes and patience are still crucial prerequisites in side scrollers now, as they have been for the past 40 years (Wikipedia claims that the first side-scrolling game was released in April 1977) since the genre’s inception. There are unlockables which also function as incentives for you to press on and complete the levels with as few fails as possible. The coins you gather give you access to a wide variety of clothing options, to add a personal touch to your unfortunate digital cat owner. Calling SWMD unforgivingly difficult, is an understatement. You will succumb to your in-game injuries quite frequently and the title even quantifies the number of fatalities in the Main Menu. Talk about shaming.
I enjoyed playing She Wants Me Dead, despite its inflexible difficulty and that one song which kept repeating over and over again. It might force some players to mute the sound and listen to their own playlist. In anycase, I had to rate the game accordingly by its inexplicably high price tag which really doesn’t reflect in either the gameplay or graphical overhaul on PC compared to SWMD’s mobile counterparts. If you can grab the game once its bundled or during a Steam Sale, by all means do it. It’s a quirky 2D platformer that can stand out from an “ocean of mediocrity” as you can refer to the vast majority of Steam indie side scrollers.
Strong Points
+ Steam Trading Cards.
+ Old school type of difficulty.
+ Character customization options.
+ Pleasant graphics and level design.
Weak Points
- Cool albeit repetitive soundtrack (the variations of a single track).
- Slightly overpriced considering the free mobile versions.
- Only 10 levels and not a lot of replay value.
- No difficulty scaling or slider.
- No Steam Achievements.
Rating 65/100

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Review from Steam

Not a bad game but not worth the full price in my opinion. I played untill level 5 from 10 levels and I think its time to quit. There are only 10 levels so the game can be short but the difficulty becomes more and more challenging so I am sure that in those levels which I do not play you will die a thousand times and rank up your play time that way. Yes, you will die, yes you will die a thousand times. At least you can customize your character so you can die in different outfits. I guess thats a pro. The game is a basic runner where you can run with left and right and jump. Thats all you can do. You got to use jump to get past traps while you run to the end of the level. I played it with a controller and I got to say that it is not really accurate which can be a pain in the ass because you need to be accurate sometimes. If you like breaking your keyboard and smashing your controller against the wall, this is the game for you. But wait for a sale.
Gameplay Video:

Review from Steam

This game is worth picking up for the sick beats alone. Gameplay is cool aswell. Addicting. Rage.

Review from Steam

Game itself is a casual difficult platformer. The game lives from its great jazz song. Check it out in my video.

Review from Steam

She Wants Me Dead
She Wants Me Dead is about a guy called Max that annoyed his cat Lula and now she's out to kill him. She's placed a load of traps and other things to stop him progressing through the levels.
How The Game Plays
The gameplay is very good, it's a short game which took me less than 2 hours to complete from start to finish. There's 10 levels in total and if you're good enough to complete a level without dying you'll get a golden frame for that level. You can use either keyboard or controller (it's a lot easier with controller) you start off with a very easy level which is more like a tutorial and then it becomes more and more challenging as you progress through the game.
Pros & Cons
Controller support (you can't use controller in the menus)
Good music and the game actually plays to the beat of the music
Very addicting
Good graphics
Cool character customisation (you can dress Max up in a tutu and
high heels and have him hold glow sticks)
No way to turn down the game sound
A little bit overpriced for what the game is in my opinion
This isn't really a con but this game can be very rage inducing, you
need to be patient with it
Final Verdict & Gameplay
Overall this is a cool game that's quite short so it shouldn't take long to complete and you feel accomplished when you do complete it, it could be used as a game to play when you have 10 minutes spare. You must be patient with it because it becomes very frustrating when you struggle on a level. I would say pick this game up when it's on sale, I personally don't think it's worth the full price and even on sale still seems a little bit overpriced.
If you're stuck or just want to see some gameplay before you buy the game, check out my walkthrough on YouTube:

Review from Steam

This is actually a really cool game. It works like Limbo but with really cool music. You can actually play based on the beat of the song. 9/10

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