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Sex Diary – A Slutty Anniversary

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An explicit Click-Through VISUAL NOVEL about a newlywed couple sharing a very special first anniversary gift – her ex-girlfriend, Mindy.

Visual Novel Description

Dear diary,

I've been a good wife this year...

And even if my husband left me all alone and forgot he had a wife half the time…

When the situation demanded,

I curled my hair, wore my good girl dress and played the perfect trophy wife for Jaxon DeVille.

I staged fancy dinners and entertained stuck up investors…I faked so many smiles I’m surprised I still have a working face.

I played the cheerful and painfully good wife for my rich and handsome hubby…

And I’ve been faithful!


But I can’t take it anymore.

I can’t do this painfully boring thing called MONOGAMY.

This is not me!

I need adrenaline and fireworks!I need messy, dirty, and borderline crazy…just what he promised to give me when I said yes to marry him!

I need it HARD, and I need it NOW and I’m sick of waiting!

And I swear to God…

If he forgets about our first anniversary;

If he forgets his promise to me and I end up alone and needy at the end of the day…

I will make good on my word and run away with my ex-girlfriend.


He finally decides to join the fun!


Nadia DeVille
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Nadia has been a wife for a year. Her husband isn't that bad, but... he can be a bit staid. It has her longing for her ex-girlfriend Mandy. Well... guess who shows up on her anniversary? Will she run away with Mandy? Or will her husband join the party?

Review from Steam

Sex Diary - A Slutty Anniversary is nothing apart from an absurd masterpiece.
One of the most delicate components of striking visual Novel is using perverse scenes and visuals. Sometimes, it may not be necessary and fans may as well become dissatisfied by its useless addition to the story. On the other hand, if pervertedness is used as a primary drive it also becomes hard to watch. However, Sex Diary - A Slutty Anniversary is a visual novel that breaks all extremes as discussed above and it has become one of the best novels i have ever read and even watched.
Now, before I continue, i am not going to imply that Sex Diary - A Slutty Anniversary is by any means close to some of the greatest novels out there. However, for the medium of VN that it exists on, this novel is an exquisite taste of art.
Story: 7/10
One of the funniest parts of this novel is its story. The main reason is because the entire story is ridiculous. Essentially, it is like power rangers on crack. HxHeros use special devices called the HxEros to use their erotic energy to save the planet from Kiseichu: monsters who want to take everyone with erotic energy (i.e H-energy) to take over the planet and make the human race extinct. Oh, and it's not over yet, when the HxHeros kill a Kiseichu they have all of their clothes ripped off of them. Everything about this ridiculous plot makes the novel adds to great comedy and actually makes me want to watch more of the novel. Furthermore, the backstories of all the characters are enjoyable and as the story progresses we actually start to see some character development in all of the HxHeros which is great. However, while the story is really interesting, it obviously isn't anything close to a masterpiece.
Characters: 5/10
Although the story is great, the characters aren't as good. All of the characters essentially are just some horny teenagers who don't have really unique personalities. For example, characters who want larger breasts like Minky are essentially in almost every single novel (for example Sakura from Naruto). Womanly characters like Nadia are pretty common as well (take any older sister or mom from an novel). Jaxon is a special MC who wants to save everyone (although his reason whyss rather funny) and Minky is your average tsundere character. The only two unique people I saw in this Novel are Jaxon and Nadia but they're both supporting characters so they don"t really make much difference to the novel.
Art: 8/10
To put it quickly, the art may have been too good for an novel like this. Studio EroticGamesClub did a really great job on this novel. The visuals are clean and smooth and the character designs are really nice.
Sound: 10/10
The opening was great! I honestly can't stop playing it and listening to it. A great opening by Burnout Syndrome. The fact that they even took part in an novel like this makes it even more hilarious! The music also makes the novel sound really legitimate too when the novel is so ridiculous. The OSTs are also fine and the ending is pretty nice and calm too.
Enjoyment: 10/10
I really enjoyed this novel. Watching Jaxon's adventures defeating Kiseichu makes me laugh out loud every single time I watch it.
Absolutely one of my personal favorites, please do give it a try and I hope you like it. It truly will change your life like it has mine.

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