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Seven Wonders of St. Clementine

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The city surrounding the school of St. Clementine is infamous for its trove of ghost stories and folklore - so much so that's it's crept onto the aging campus of the school itself. Following his dream of pursuing a cause dear to him, Mizukami Sei heads to his new place of enrollment; but from the beginning, everything seems off to him. His curiosity getting the best of him, he continues to explore the school, but brushes off the rumors and stories of "mysterious" happenings as mere hearsay. Gathering an unlikely group of friends and slowly exploring and learning more about the school and its history, the legends surrounding the school begin to seem increasingly suspicious. Accompanied by the stern student council vice president and sweet librarian of the school, Sei, emboldened by his personal pursuits, and his roommate Yuuto together delve deeper into the dark mysteries of the St Clementine - even if consequences may lay ahead.

Will they be able to solve the mysteries of St Clementine, and more importantly, will they survive? Can they trust each other? And what exactly are the dark secrets this school hides?

  • Easy on the eyes. the characters are drawn in painting style that matches overall dark tone of the game.

  • Pulchritudinous Death. Most of the characters will die in the most gruesome way possible.

  • Abrupt Horror. Jump scare is a must.

  • Nihilist’s Platter. There is a possibility of the death of all the characters.

  • Branching(s) of a Dead Tree. A lot of game over possibility in every chapters.

  • End Game for The 13th Time. 12 short endings, 1 bad ending, and 1 good ending.

  • 80k++ written words and more than 12 CGs.

  • Also featuring mini games that determines the lives of the characters.

...and perhaps others.
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