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Scrap Attack VR

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Enter the deep and mysterious caves of Planet Botanika, where the Boltheads are hell-bent on the destruction of the ancient Botanite Crystals. Your mission to defend them at all costs, against unrelenting waves of frenzied robots.

Dual-wield sci-fi technicolour weaponry and engage the Boltheads in high energy, frantic power-up infused gunplay, inspired by ancient “human arcade games".

Our latest intel has revealed the Boltheads have deployed 6 Units Types to cave systems within this quadrant:

Scrapper: The cannon fodder unit. Weak individually, but a threat in large numbers. The Scrappers are looking for each and every moment to goof off, and you're all that's stopping them.

Hammerhead: Named after their unique head shape, the Hammerhead will engage with you at a medium range with their blasters. Be wary of their charged attacks!

Brute: In desperate need of anger management. While slow, in close range the Brute is devastating. Take them down as soon as you can!

Swarmer: Fragile, and highly mobile. The swarmer is the glass cannon of the Boltheads, and one of the only two enemy units that attack from the air. Deadly if you allow their numbers to build up in numbers.

Big Red: Useless at a range, but up close Big Red will self-destruct, dealing terrifying amounts of damage to you or the crystal. Eliminate as soon as possible at all costs.

Jericho: A new flight unit that fires cluster missiles from the skies! Be vigilant, and don’t stay still for too long.

  • Feel the satisfaction of blasting away waves of evil robots in an immersive arcade style shooter.
  • Defend the crystal from the 5 ruthless enemy types with awesome sci-fi weaponry.
  • 3 different arenas of varying difficulties for you to master, and vie to the top score locally and online.
  • High action arcade inspired gunplay, with recently added dual-wielding and power-ups!

How far will you push yourself to protect the crystal from the Bolthead onslaught?

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

For the price this is really good but short VR game! 7/10
only problem Ive had was that teleporting wasnt snappy enough like I would try panic teleport to other side of crystal but it wasnt accepting it cause I wasnt holding it long enough

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