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SCP – Containment Breach Remastered

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Explore the facility

Traverse and collect useful items in a fully unique facility every time. Navigate your way through the imposing corridors of underground confinement and see if you can overcome great odds to escape.

Avoid the threats of the foundation

Use your quick wits and cunning to evade the life-threatening anomalies that roam the foundation. Use items and clues you discover to increase your chances of surviving these SCPs.

Conquer the challenges ahead

Take charge against the breach, recapturing SCPs to unlock the path to your freedom. Outsmart the threats and use their weaknesses to your advantage. Combine information to solve puzzles in order to recontain these anomalies.

Indulge in rich story-telling

Follow D-9341’s perilous story as you learn more about the operations of the facility, and the origins of the SCPs. Unveiling each piece of the story as you progress deeper into the heart of the foundation.

Uncover the mysteries of the SCP Foundation

Create conclusions based on the evidence you gather, dismantling the SCP Foundation from within, uncovering the secrets it hid from the world, bringing light to those that were swallowed by the darkness.
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